Friday, November 4, 2016


KarenS3: November 4th just may be a great experience for the entire world! After all of this time of waiting, 9 years for me, reading and not really knowing if what I am being told is true, cuz there was no evidence, I just put it all in my 'WAIT AND SEE" file, which is now bursting at the seams. Hopefully what I have been reading is really coming to pass today.

HighHopes:  good Morning....KarenS3- I always thought a good time to release the RV/GCR is after markets and banks close on a Friday Night....most people would be paying attention to the new scandals and the election this weekend and could go unnoticed by the world while we exchange while most stay focused on the elections……if the PTB want it to go quietly…this would be a good weekend to slip in in…imo

FloridaK:  Good morning everyone, I have a Pastor friend who got a 500,000.00 dong. He keeps checking with his bank Wells Fargo to see if he could exchange and so he would call me every time he goes there. He called me yesterday and told he checked them and the person told him he missed it last week at $2.00 then it went down to.25 cents now back to the old .0000 something. Don't know what part of Texas that is.

Kue911:  My best friend is ex -CIA. He talked to a friend in Iraq who is an advisor on the ground. He told my friend that Mosul is completely liberated. This is the same thing that RayRen has been hearing. We do not get the truth from the mainstream media.

NetGlobal:  Well I guess Foxnews. CNN, The New York Times, Rueters, and Bloomberg are all in the conspriacy to tell the world lies about the status of Mosul. I have some oil wells in my backyard that folks are welcome to invest in.

HK101:  Having been in the military - I know for a fact that the news isn't always accurate and typically delayed…. not a conspiracy, just the way it is

ChapoC:  HAve you ever watched the movie "Wag the Dog" I believe is the name. It talks about all of this stuff. It's an old movie

VinterV:  All the news is OLD...and..the RV is not going to be in the news, think about it.

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