Monday, November 28, 2016


GS13:  Good morning TNT Just doing a quick fly-by. I'm hearing awesome things from my sources today I can't give details but things are looking very good for this week

Mangelo:  my friend who is from Iraq is in my group...his family lives in Iraq...it takes time for them to reply...they have an RI they are doing business. it's not public to us yet...besides they take their sweet time in answering my questions.
VeryBlessed:  gm everyone, what is the difference between a RI and a RV?

Freeway2:  Gd morning - RI means to re-instate at same rate when devalued, and RV means Revalue to a higher rate than it is now. (In Iraqi case) Maybe someone else can give a better explanation

Cheeca:  I just don't understand why our Dinar currency would still be good when they have printed new money. I look at it like it may be Confederate money

Lilypad:  VERYBLESSED. RI is in-country and RV is outside of country. Cheeka- the old currency has to be collected and destroyed to make way for the new currency which includes the Kurdistan language. In Iraq, they are collecting the old currency too. Like if you take a torn 1$ bill into our bank, the bank will replace it with equal value.

KajunRedBull:  Cheeca, in a nutshell, the dinar you hold is good and will soon have its place . Remember Saddam had changed all of the currency to show his picture when he was in power.

Isabelle:  Re: New Dinar vs Old Dinar The new Dinar being printed in Iraq would be no different than the USA printing a new $5 or $10 bill as we have all seen. The "NEW" $5 bill has the same value as the old ones.... they just look different. Therefore, NOT to worry re your Dinar being considered obsolete. A USD is a USD, and so is a IQD an IQD.

Eccle5519:  Most of The Dinar we hold was not intended for Iraq! It is in the Plan For Iraq devised by the US and G. Britain and the Paris Club Agreement of DEBT REPAYMENT for coalition countries!! We happen to stumble in that plan.
Mangelo:  In Iraq they are moving their currency to Qi cards, for those Iraqi people that are used to currency and keep it in their home and not the bank they are putting out the lower Demons that are going out by sections now. the dinar will go to the Chinese to buy oil at the price they agreed upon. there is a whole lot more to this. but the currency will have will be trading in and not used in Iraq

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