Sunday, November 27, 2016


Lightspirit:  Christmas 2013 people were exchanging Tony was excited me too....Christmas passed and new years but I think Tony announced that we were not going to exchange until later. Then came we are the people..... controlled rollout….. so if they are receiving and some people are exchanging they why not all people

Lightspirit:  So anyway one day the people who have been deciding our fate for years will decide to release the rate with the full value and we who are not in heaven at that time will be blessed

Nblgh1:  Also hear that the imf meeting has been push up to December 5th

AJtexas wrote It's coming into place, Zimbabwe and Iraq are distributing lower denominations to their people. ZIM in country is being exchanged one for one with us dollar

Iraq budget will be done this Thursday. Lastly, one online currency dealer has a sale on for Zim until Tuesday of this week.
Pearle wrote I feel that we have this RV cornered   

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