Saturday, November 26, 2016


GoodTimes1:  140 articles relating to the removal of the 3 zeros, and we are still waiting
Yada:  Goodtimes but we are not waiting on the deletion of zeros for an RV,,,the RV has been released,,the three zeros has been progress the past 3 years,,,just the first quarter of next year is when they will end that process or exchange them to the Iraqis

Yada:  [Are you aware of any specific item or issue that must be completed before the RV will occur?] No. The Budget has come up in conversation; it should be finalized on Saturday… As for lower denominations, we are getting information that they are in some of the provinces. There is some kind of distribution going on, in some hands/places. We have heard that from various sources this week. We believe that window has been opened.

Yada:  I don’t know to what degree those lower denominations are out, but they should have taken their complete course by Monday. That fact it has started says it all for me. If the lower denominations have run their course by Monday, they will have to show a revalued rate by then, if not sooner.

RTJerry:  On where on where has my rv gone, oh where oh where can she be? I've searched the world  over and thought I found true love, the rv will happen and pfhitt we are gone

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