Saturday, November 19, 2016


Locofelipe:  some gurus have said into next year... but seriously.... who cares. We are in it to WIN it!!! steady rudder.

I have heard some glorious news these last couple of days.... I honestly don't see it going that long. BUt, if it does..... I still aint quitin

Can anyone define the word 'cusp' for me?

Luvwulfs:  On the cusp..or On the edge of some event…. We are on the cusp of new beginnings ;)

Locofelipe:  and the banker said,'you are at the cusp of a new life' that is what he said..... today… so.... maybe I have reason to be excited. just maybe.....

Mangelo:  This the most exciting part that I heard from RayRen today from the call..........but we are looking good going into the weekend. Can’t wait to see the next CBI announcement.

I’m excited because some of the same things I’ve been telling you about are now being made public, such as the banks being synced up and ready for live international action.

I’m happy because the end if coming! Be patient;

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