Thursday, November 17, 2016



Yada:  If you need to be encouraged,, consider your current plight and be glad you’re in line to be increased,, versus the rest of America , without any choices, going forth

Rrrr:  There is an essence of peace and tranquility. A calmness within the universe. Something monumental is about to unfold before our eyes and it is all good, all loving, ALL, as it is supposed to be. Don’t try to label it, or understand it, or explain it, or judge it…. Just KNOW… Close your eyes and Feel the stillness all around you. The Stillness that is about to manifest into something incredibly serene and in accordance to what should be. Savor this moment. It will never repeat itself.
Brendad:  Guys, it was said that Trump exchanged along with the upper elite 3 years ago. It definitely would make sense, all of a sudden, he is a multi- billionaire???

Tinbender:  3 years ago the upper elite all got SKR's

Brendad:  They did, then, the following year, the exchanged. I know of someone personally that exchanged. Their life style changed drastically and they are saying that they have more money than God.

Tinbender:  You are right, some did in fact get their cash….. access to their money


MosiacWings:  To the person that was asking why anyone would put a huge sum of money into an non-interest bearing account. The only reason that I can think of is that in an non-interest bearing account your money is available right away. In an interest bearing account it is tied up to a degree.
You would have to wait for a slight period of time to be able to use it to buy a large item...like say a large chunk of land or something like that…..

I believe the non-interest is available immediately for a large purchase or to transfer to another account….. That's just something to think of if your planning on buying large purchases or transfering money to another bank.

Skipper2:  Mosiac - The reason a NIB was recommended was because interest bearing accounts are subject to being "impacted" if there is a bank Bail-In. Non-Interst Bearing Accounts are exempt from Bail-Ins...imo

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