Thursday, November 17, 2016


Sliq718:  Looks like no rv before Thanksgiving…… I just hope they get it done before Christmas.... please RV..... God let it happen

Fireball92:  Sliq... What I see, Do Not Like. But see. The RI (in country) that will help Iraq equilabrate and take the 1st BIG steps in internatioal economics will occur by Dec as being discussed (meets Dr Clarke and Ray's current prediction). If allowed internationally, It MAY be picked up by FOREX and begin to increase.

It will not reach potential until Jan 2017 or a little later. IMO .... IMO... The IQD value may, (MAY) reach an adequate value in early December that will allow those who wish to CE a small amount.

Rrrr:  One week before Thanksgiving, could be only hours from RV, I’ve done my plan A…. I’ve done my plan B, Heck, with all this free time, I’ve got a C and D. whatever occurs, it WILL quench our thirst. Enough to PIF the world, enough to make our pockets Burst. So let us give Thanks, as our moment is near… Thank You TNT … as you continue removing our fears.

LadyDee:  Every one noticed the intel gets exciting and them drops flat. Ate we really going to see sny rv. Sometimes i feel skeptical about it. We are frustrated with this process. It goes on and on. The East takes all the time in the world to get anything done.

Dinera:  Some say that Iraq doesn't have anything to do with the Global reset but I think if Iraq wasn't the lynchpin then other countries would have already done something. Iraq is having lots of things progressing lately. I think they will time it so whenever they decide to do all currencies they will all of a sudden have everything done in Iraq. But that's just my opinion.

AJTexas:  The UN operational rates have not changed for the five currencies that are supposed to be in the first basket. Some other currencies have been updated yesterday.

Gway2K :  Someone asked before: Why should we be last when we sacrificed the most (paraphrased). I like to think we might be last because we'll receive just about the highest rate(s). Every other country will be exchanged already, they would be done.

GS13:  We will not be last to exchange...we should go before the public and I am hearing within 48 hrs that we go. Lets keep the faith. There is so much going on behind the scenes
JSL:  What I am watching for is at what point does Abadi and CBI feel they have the Security thety need to implement the Restored Value of their Currency.

G8ay2K:  One thing I do believe is what Tony said long ago. Anything Iraq reports to the public as "going on" has probably already "been done."

RBear:  I pray all this is really happening but I won't believe it until I'm in the banks exchanging for millions

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