Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Tuesday UPDATE for November 15, 2016 Permalink Economy News / Baghdad ... Recorded foreign currency markets in Iraq, on Tuesday morning, a stable dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar. And record the market price at the Baghdad Stock Exchange at 130,250 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars. The buying and selling prices of the dollar in the banking companies were
One hundred dollars = 130,250 dinars sale price The purchase price of one hundred dollars = 130,000 Iraqi dinars With an approximate rate of .0007, it appears that the dinar has become the Jeffersons (Well, we're moving on up!) LOL…… THE RATE NEEDS TO GO DOWN BEFORE IT CAN GO UP......WAIT FOR IT......PROGRESS IS IN THE MAKING. :-)

Mangelo:  Folks today is a day we are hoping for a rate increase {RV} so all day expect Intel and information regarding the rate,, set back, you don't have to understand because you really don't care! Most of all of us only care when can you go to the bank...so keep waiting and appreciate the information hopefully it's coming

QueenBee:  Ray just said the price in dinar has to drop for it to move up so this is good news

Spartyville:  as if it is negative 1182...goes to zero...anything above zero is positive heading in the right direction

Capt.Willie:  Perhaps this is the Iraqi equivalent of Kuwait's "We're not going to RV today" and BAMMMM, they RV'd.

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