Sunday, November 13, 2016


69Ford:  Best article says the CBI is gonna do something the first of the year 2017. Logically it don't make since to tell the world now so they can go get a bunch and hoard it for that reason alone I really think we are getting close regardless of when…. we are blessed to be here. …..maybe 2016 is our year

Whaler:    the cbi website changed the date for today but not the rate .....grrrrrrr someday someday

Ecubucs:  Wish we had some better news this morning but it is what it is... I DO know that the LD's have been at the lower banking levels in iraq for a couple years now... Just have never been distributed to the masses. And of course won't be until the dropping of the 3 Zeros from their current currency...

Debritt:  It only make sense to me they would have to reinstate or revalue their currency first or it would be worthless….. So what we should be looking for now is the reinstatement or revaluation of the Iraqi dinar then the LDs. IMO

NetGlobal:  Debritt, IMO we will see thr RV and the release of the LDs during the same week.

Ecubucs:  debritt, i feel as though training has already been done via iraqi tv a couple years ago educating the citizens on the exchange of their current money and the transaction to the LD's when they come out. Again, this should have happened years ago... So much more has been piled on to this that Iraq is just a small part of this happening for the world now... IMO Iraq is The Major Player when it comes to it's assets but it's Not about Iraq. IMO

Debritt:  IMO It's about the Iraqi currency first.

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