Saturday, November 5, 2016


Tman23  ...I posted back in April...The CBI governor said in several banking meetings inside and outside Iraq that the CBI plan was to maintain the rate of 1,305 through the end of 2016...The statement from the governor had bankers "shocked, disappointed, and not understanding the reasoning and none was provided"

BUT what is speculated is that this 1305 number has a significant role in the "numbers game" and lifting the 3 zeros... The speculation told to those who private message me is the start would have to begin at least 60 days before lifting 3 zeros

Just need to look/watch for unsuspected casual movements... Last night for the very first time in all banks across Iraq the rate posted 1,305... ...the rate fluctuates...it has been 1280, 1285, 1290, 1295, 1300, 1310... But NOT 1305 AND IT HAS posted the 60 days prior to the New Year that was the speculated timeline thought to see 1305

This is the silent move suspected to be part of the process of lifting 3 zeros... Now in the past salary caps/budget and cuts...numbers worked out to speculating that a rate of 67 cents was in the formula...of course since then a great number of circumstances have entered the picture

The speculation today works out to 76 cents which would be on par with the Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar...   It is this 1305 number that is on the board....in the banks and at the CBI...  Been waiting for this EXACT NUMBER to POST

IT was posted last night which in the opinion of "conspiracy theorists"...THE PROCESS IS ON TRACK... And it will without doubt have the 3 zeros lifted at the start of 2017

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