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Bruce:  Welcome Everyone to the Big Call tonight.  Welcome you all who are listening in

Everything is still good in our prospective. The information that has come out recently is very good as far as the proximity where we are. Some people thought we would start last night, but that did not happen that way. Information now is we are coming down to the wire.

We don’t do the rates or dates on the Big Call. I will tell you I believe it is the goal of the Chinese Elders and everyone involved in the start up of this roll out of the GCR to do so by or before on the first of the month of December.  A very short window to come through if we are going to make that.

I think we can look closely for the notifications to come in at any time. That is the last thing we are looking for is the toll free numbers to become available so we can set our appointments.

Bruce:  The process itself, the protocols are basically the same. They have not changed. Maybe a few changes as personnel taking place. By and large we will get a number to make an initial call with a number to a call center and once we say what our business is, based on the question about what currency we have we will be given another number to set an appointment. It is a two step process.  That is not changed. That is the same. 

Bruce:  The redemption centers themselves were done as a joint operation between Wells Fargo and HSBC. Those two banks are aligned and working in tangent.

It appears the role of Abbott Downing initially the last several months has been in training. Training the representatives at the redemption centers. Their roles may have changed somewhat what we thought it was. We know people will want to work with Abbott Downing in the future. I don’t know how that process will work with the 3rd or 4th appointment.  They have it all worked out. A very tight relationship between HSBC and Wells Fargo. Other banks up the line are AIIB, and People Bank of China.

Banking partners in Canada are HSBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank, and TD Bank. They all will be involved in it. HSBC added 110 to 120 redemption centers in Canada.  We have 6800 locations in the US and Canada combined. The additional 110 to 120 jumped up that number a little bit.

Bruce:  You will set your appointment with the use of the 800 number. The number we are looking for is still to come out. If I get it tonight, I will put it out tonight. If it happens great. If not it will happen where it will be put out where everybody will see it and make their appointment.

Everyone is going to go through the front door of the exchange locations. People will have privacy and go out a side or back door of the redemption centers. That might be a slight adjustment made. Still security is set up around redemption centers and ready to go.

Bruce:  Additional things going on are we know this thing seems to hinge on the activity going on in Iraq. They have done an announcement in Iraq and recorded it. They were planning to put it out 4am to 8am this morning. Then they changed it tomorrow. It suppose to be aired tomorrow early morning in the US. No exact time in that.  For the purpose of this call I am looking forward to hearing information on that tomorrow.

Bruce:  This announcement would include the 2017 budget for Iraq, the discussion about the amendments of the HCL Law, and there might be something about the International banking law.

I think what we are looking for is also IMF to mention or an announcement about a loan made to Iraq to give them a little bit of equity till these exchanges come on with the Dinar. That announcement had to do with the loan of the IMF to shore up the credit in Iraq which is quite high. It will help to increase the amount of credit or credit score. That is part what should happen tomorrow morning our time here.  It could be early morning.

Bruce:  Otherwise when we go back here, we know there have been exchanges going on around the world. Internationally it is rolling out. Right now we are in last position with the roll out to occur. We are ready. Everything is ready. They do want this to go by Thursday. We will see where we are on that.  

Rates. We haven’t heard new rates on Dong and Dinar but they were very high the last I heard. ZIM kept climbing and it sort of level off. It is very high and strong. Those of you have humanitarian projects you plan to discuss at the time of redemption that is going to allow you to ask for higher rates on the ZIM and other currencies as well.

Privately Negotiated Rate instead of a Sovereign rate. The actual Private Negotiated rates are extremely high on the AIM.   It is wise to ask what you need to facilitate the projects you plan to take on. The initial exchange itself will be done in an hour or so. Set up one or two accounts, skeleton trust, picking up possibly a cashier check, and or do a bank wire. That is something that can be revisited in a number of days or week or so after the exchange. There is where you will get more information and hook up with a CPA and attorneys.

These appointments will be available to you. Also you will find out about the family office and the benefits you will have in relationship with the banks we will work with.

Bruce:  We talked about partnering with the banks and work these humanitarian projects as though you were partnering with the bank. That is still the position we want o look at.

Nothing wrong doing your exchange and diversifying your funds once you done the exchange.  You can move funds to various banks. For example really good Tier two banks as Fifth 3rd Bank, First Bank, and Sun Trust Bank.   Find out their rates are like before you move funds to that institution. No one is going to fault you to move funds to other locations as to your hometown banks.

They are solid, maybe privately owned. I am in position suggesting nothing in terms of giving financial advice. I am telling you what I going to do. No one on this call a CPA or attorney and we don’t play one. We all have to make these decisions ourselves.

Bruce:  I would say generally move slowly in terms of your projects.  In terms of your philanthropy to take the time to learn the system. Learn what it is what you really want to do moving forward.  My idea is to get a plan, create teams of leaders to do some of these projects.   Try to set up the leaders that will take these visions I have and we have corporally and take the teams and build these out. Take these concepts form a white board, a visual concept and make them a reality. This is something we haven’t done a whole lot of. 

Bruce:   We have concepts, ideas but how do we do it?   What role do you play in it to get it started?   Are you going to be at the helm as a leader or as me put the vision out there and stay in the background giving ideas but not spank in the forefront?  I can be in the forefront, but something this large I got ideas and concepts and it is up to the leaders I hire to do this and see this through.  That is what I going to do.

Maybe you want to do more hands on. I have done pouring concrete, laying brick, all of that. Now it is about ideas, concepts, internal perspective and trying to make a difference around the world. That is what I going to do. A big picture idea.

Bruce:   I want everyone to relax. Take in air through the nose, exhale and just breathe 3 times. It gives you a relaxed feeling of peace. We can be at peace now. I know some run from this site to that site, this call to that call. God will not forsake you.

This complete process you have been chosen for. Thus being called the Chosen Ones.  I really think that is the case with us. You will be fine. Everything will be smooth sailing. Decisions you will make you will be clear minded with whatever bank you choose. Work with it and be comfortable with it.  Don’t rush into anything. Get expert advice. You will have the money to hire experts.

Bruce:  What we going to try to do with the TAPP group, is have a portal, online portal. A way to communicate share ideas, technology, and adopt community. Try to consider that. We haven’t quite started that whole thing. That will be coming. Realize this:  we are here to make a difference in this world starting with the United States and branch out internationally.

If you got international projects, be sure to share that at the time of your exchange. They want to hear about humanitarian projects in the United States and around the world. If you have the heart for the Philippines, Central America, Brazil, and lot of other cities. Thus not just Africa, not just Central America, not just India. But those are great areas to do things in.

We want to do it where none of us individually have to reinvent the wheel. As we get more information, we will put that out. We will probably do one call once a week for one hour, a pod cast. Everyone can pick it up when they want. We will do technology, health and wellness, brain science. All the subjects we know about a little. We will bring in the experts to talk about it. Aquaponics also.

We will have teachings, videos and seminars for that. You don’t have to find all that yourself, but we will have a source you can grab that information how I going to use that in my adopted town. We will adopt communities, large towns and large cities. We will be doing that.  Our website is: thebigcall.net

Bruce:  Get yourself set up first in a financial view with your CPAs, attorneys. Get that done. Take a vacation for a week or two. While there you can think of what I will do?  Where do I start?  There is no rush.

Bruce:  Don’t know what the call schedule will be the next few weeks. Check the web site.
Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven. Thank you all Big Call listeners. In a few days we will complete 5 full years on the call. We are sliding into our blessing. Be as ready as we can be for this blessing.  

Thank you all for coming in. Everybody just hang in there. Keep the faith. Don’t let it slide. Stay strong.  Goodnight Everybody.

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