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Bruce:  I am excited and I think we are all excited. I want to welcome everybody to the call. All the international listeners and in the US and Canada.  
On our last call on Tuesday we had close to 800 requests for our phones numbers in form of banks and trading institutions in Canada, United States,  and overseas

Tonight as of 20 minutes before the call we had 700 requests. That is a good number. We know our signal on this conference call is getting out and we are more international now than when we started. I am excited about that.
Bruce:  I want to welcome all the listeners from other countries.  We hope we can bring you something valuable tonight. Welcome to all the banks. I have to thank our lead bank Wells Fargo  in this whole process and  filleted banks HSBC AIIB, People Bank of China all those behind what we are looking at in terms of our exchanges.

or our redemptions I want to thank Abbott Downing for being involved in the process as well especially in the ZIM. Also I want to thank the banks in Canada who are part of the process such as Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank, TD Bank. Also thank our Latin American Banks as Moca Pocia Bank, and ANZ Bank down under.
It is an incredible thing to think what will change for all in a matter of hours when we do make the exchange.
Bruce:  After exchange will we be the same people? Yes, but with different opportunities. I am excited about that for not only for the team, but all of you listeners out there. I want those tuned in for the first time if you are a banker, trader, I want you to know you are welcome and hopefully you will gain as much from this experience as all our regular listeners who tune in.
Bruce:  I was requested specifically tonight not to do Intel. Even though I have Intel, I have chosen not to bring that up. This shows the proximity where we are.
Bruce:  Tonight instead of going into specifics our product line up, we are going to have a round table discussion in 4 areas specifically,.  Humanitarian projects, Job Creations, Infrastructure, New Business Creation.
 Those 4 areas we are going to take and talk in terms of the US, Canada, International outreach also as well. That is important for us to go into those areas because those listening in, those 700 plus people are interested in how we are going to move forward with the projects and maybe how they can partner with us in our future working in those areas. That is really what we are excited about.  Involving those out there in our new endeavors.
Bruce:  In terms of the exchange itself or redemption of the ZIM bonds the funding there behind those depends on how we present the projects we intend to do. Try to have the mind set in one of these 4 areas or in each of these areas.
Bruce:  When it comes to your individual redemption or appointment what you get in terms of a rate is going to depend on the projects and the way you present them.  Your rate depends on the projects and the way you present them. You don’t have to have a huge report, but an outline of what you intend to do is plenty. When you make that it will come down to the knowledge of the subject and what you want to do and they way you convey that to your redemption team. 
Ultimately we are all on the same side. Don’t think of these individuals across the desk as your adversaries. They want to partner with us in these endeavors. They refer to us as the COs, or Chosen Ones. Take the mind set they are partnering with us and are part of the redemption team.
Bruce:  It will be a new relationship for many of us who haven’t had that type of relationship with our banking friends. If anything the relationship didn’t go that well. But things will be different now. I am excited what it is we are about to embark on.
Bruce:  We are going to talk in those 4 areas. Sue, what you plan to do that not only you but others might be interested in.
Sue:  I think for the people listening to this call probably want to do something and are going to have some good funds but never really developed an idea. They are going to be the people that dabble in some ideas, have their humanitarian projects and outline developed. Than people who have more than 10,000 hours, experts, expect to ask for the high rates, they have a proven track record in leading something.
What is important for us working with our new partners the banks, experts that will fill in for in areas you don’t have expertise. We all going to be learning to collaborate and have the goal to save the planet.
Sue:  You might want to check out the website: globalgoals.org.   On the web site are global goals such as hunger, good health, gender equality, clean water sanitation, education, clean energy, decent work and economic growth, infrastructure, etc. If you don’t know what you are going to do that is a great place to line up with global leaders to help with humanity’s pressing problems. What I going to be doing is I am going to do is working in the mind brain research. I personally want to do also with equality education, well being, and help leaders with mind brain project.  The web site is: globalgoals.org.
Bruce:  That is a little of the humanitarian side of it. Let me expand what we have talked about on the Big Call. The TAP Group, group of projects that would fall under that umbrella, the Veterans Retreat, Ministries, water, water filtration and wells, community gardens, fish farming. One we talked in the past and on special calls on is the Veterans Retreat work.
We want to work with our veterans for land retreats. We had up to 85 sites to build them out to give our veterans rest and relaxation, and more importantly job training in several areas. Also PTS counseling, family counseling, opportunity for them to live and working on the retreats. Also hiring of veterans to rehab housing and create new housing and buildings on these project sites. Over 100 page outline we put couple years ago that outlines what our intentions are for our veterans. I know we probably have a whole new direction, but will supplement whatever the government intends for our veterans.
Bruce:  Also looking at the concept of rebuilding America in terms of our communities, townships, cities. We are talking about rehabbing housing in a big way by adopting cities and towns in the country. Getting 5000 big call listeners to adopt cities in our 50 states where we would have 5000 cities covered in our 50 states. Concept is as we adopt them we pick up a number of residential areas, possible the cities donate vacant lots.
 If the property is worth saving and retains the historicalness of the neighborhood, partnering with our banks and also our suppliers as well such as Home Depot, Lowes, and others with supplies. We have plans for Veterans Retreat network to build 4 or 5 plants for pavers and blocks, and we have high tech building techniques as well. We have plans to take the technology in our building where we can build homes that don’t require much in the way of utilities as well.
 Very positive on the energy as well. Very energy efficient in our techniques. Just one area we are talking about throughout the country. We plan to put our hands together to create our own way to rebuild America. Won’t limit ourselves to America, but do other things in other countries as well.
Bruce:  We want to make sure all around the world they have their basics such as clean water, wells, filtration, housing, and food. The very basic necessities. Clothing comes in play as well. All humanity to a nice base level then add education, medicine or well being. It may not as conventional as in the past. It might be based on wellness and wellness techniques.
Creating wellness centers around the world and in this country.  I want to get the area’s most in need as in the cold regions such as West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio areas involved in the cool mining where they need jobs. We want to create new energy opportunities.  We have the ideas to do that. So you know and listeners know that is another plan we have to take a high approach technology and retrain people in those areas. 
Bruce:  Bob you put a plan involved country of Honduras.  Tell us what your intentions are for Honduras in what can be done.
Bob:  I was asked to put together a plan to create a Honduras without poverty. That planning consisted elements of agriculture products. Many there live on small farms, and do not have the techniques, knowledge or access to make their farms work better. Also create a great farming communities where you can have centers where a number of farms surrounding it. Also build their tourism business better. There are huge opportunities to welcome visitors in infrastructure plans. Plans for clean water and partner with water purification companies. It is a written plan and staffing strategy and micro lending that was created in India.  That is the jest of it.
Also we already involved nonprofit veteran project to train veterans who are transitioning out. I hope to link with you, Bruce, working with you concerning the Veterans.
Bruce:  We will expand that program you are intimately familiar with. Take that working model and expand that across the country.

Bob:  We can have a trainer at each military base, as time goes by when the world comes more peaceful we will have more men and women transitioning out.  
Bob: For those going to their exchange talking to a banking person about humanitarian projects, ask them first off what is the most important thing for them in their partnership with you. They may say communication, responsibility the way you handle the money.   If you get answers like that ask second questions. 
What can happen so you feel I am in communication with you?  You may feel it is a once a year report, and they not.   They may be able to help you if you stay in touch with them and as far as being responsible what you should do and never do. That would go a long ways to create trust and responsibility.   For the first time be able to be involve a massive change for the world and they are as interested in this as we are.
Medical research, medical type of projects, when you are ready to do that it is going to be more complicated. If it involves medical research there will be specialized questions on forms.  Going in you will need a person experience in it whether a CPA specialist in medical clinics that set this up before for tax forms. If you want to get started go on one and look at the outline of the IRS application for tax exempt status for different categories and get yourself ready for what you are going to have to answer and provide for your nonprofit.

Bruce: : That is one option to look at tax exempt nonprofit status structures. We will be working with CPAs and attorneys which will be provided initially by our banking partners.
Bob:  Also community foundations most of them have highly qualified managers that work there and they will partner with someone that wants to come forth with a project that doesn’t have the expertise. They will help you manage and be in compliance.
Bruce:  Honduras project, I don’t see why they can’t be duplicated in other countries around the world. That could be a template that could be down elsewhere. I really think it is important.
Community development it brings the mind opportunity to get with the various municipalities around the country.  You might be able to provide grant funding through the municipalities. When it comes to building hospitals and schools, rebuilding bridge and road projects, airports, runways, building, infrastructure needed of repair throughout the country. 
We will be involved in this as well in funding and maybe the banks will help us create municipal bond funding as well.  With the hydration we should get from the redemption f of the ZIM bond and currency looking for leadership and guidance in these areas than actually the funding. The banks may have situation that they may have funds that they want to use as well. I want to ask our bankers who they can use funds to create municipal bonds for tax exempt status through the country with infrastructure projects.
Bruce:  I really think we are going to partner very closely. Bob on the veterans but there e is other things as well such as wellness.  Let’s move over to Tank. Tank what would you have in mind possible additional job creation or business start ups?
Tank:  I going to read a business theory, the green lantern business theory.  Most of you will be a new business owner. This theory redefines our goals. Tank explains the theory. Building the business from the ground up with people with like minds and purpose. Generate passive income for all those who participate.  Positive measures.  As a new wealth you want to start a new company. A new way to look at your business.
The only way to keep your dream business from coming a job start, start it off where you want it to be. For the people on this call, newly wealthy, you have deep pockets to keep staying power for your business. Then you you’re your integrity and values as you grow. The green lantern business has to be clear for what it stands for. Utilizes basic principles. Hire people that drives your business, measure your success on the impact on your employees and lives you serve. The way to take a big idea in your business starts with a great product. Product development, make sure it is unique and exactly what you envision. Make your big ideas into a big reality. If someone tells you why you can’t do something, look for someone else. Hire people that see your vision. 
Give them a chance to vent their own ideas. Ask them how they can make us better? Give those 3 months and money backing to do it; they work for us 3 months for free. Once they prove their idea works you will have the most dedicated employee. They built it, they are part of it.  Their idea becomes the fabric what our company is.
Bruce:  Those are some great ideas. They apply with not just us. Most of us will be helping others to reach their dreams, to build their companies if they are start ups and help existing companies. Bottom line we will be involved in philanthropy. Working with organizations and countries, cities trying to allow them to further their agendas to move into a new future as we move forward. Great ideas for countries and those who want to take something they want to do and make something out of it.
Bruce:   Let us recap.  Concept where we been on this call in terms of the projects we have created. Tank mentioned abundance. We are going to work with a lot of abundance funding. We are going to create a web portal where we can communicate at online with each other so we know what is being done as a group. What our ideas are as the Big call and how each listener can plug in with a certain idea, or amount.
 My idea never seen to pool money where we are asking for donations. I don’t think that will be necessary, but cool if each of us don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  We can share in that opportunity so each of those people can say that is what I can do in that area. We are going to be plugging in throughout the country with these various projects. Building schools clinics, hospitals, quite a bit of infrastructure roads, bridges. We are going to hire people.
A lot of people to work planning to be the largest employer of veterans. It is important we see how we can combine our efforts so that is what bob and sue and I talked about putting some sort of portal together. That is rough idea what we have in mind with future projects, humanitarian efforts, hiring employment infrastructure as well.
Bruce: When you plan out your projects in outline form consider the longevity of the project. These are not fly by night.  These are long projects even beyond our years here. These are projects that have longevity. Build that in to your presentation. With all that, I think we are in a good position to receive our blessing
To the banks listening. we on the Big call, we consider it an honor to receive notification of the toll free number if chosen to do so. If that is the case one or more of us involved we will do it responsibly and consider it an honor to do that. I want WF, HSBC, and other banks to know that. Also to Chase, B of A,  Citi bank, and tier two banks. We will be partners with neiberhood banks throughout the country. Keep that in mind as well as you diversify your funds.
Our banking partners chopping at the bit to get started with us.  Hopefully the starting time is very soon. I want to thank everybody. Sue, what should be our attitude when we go into the redemption centers and what our attitudes should be going out of the redemption Centers.
Sue:  I want everyone to receive what you received tonight a signal you are prepared, a signal with the banks that listens.  Quality of education with this call and other various calls.  You have invested a lot in being one of those individuals that saw a week signal you saw the future before many people were aware of it. Take that into your being and know you are a lined with creating a new future and get comfortable with stepping into your unknown greatness.
As you go into redemption center and look into the eyes of people there surrounding you.  Look deeply into their eyes and hearts and quietly say I am here with an open heart and I know you are here with an open heart to help heal this world. I think you will go in with great depth of peace. For this moment on you are in a culture of working with your fellow human beings to shift a change to our world.
Bruce:  That is the attitude we should have.
Sue: If you walk into that with you, you will have that humility and heart.  Take good care of yourself as you take good care of the world. We have to balance between growth and how we get these things done. You have to take good care of yourself in this.
Bruce:  Very important to do that. Take good care of ourselves. Let us come out in physical well being as we move forward. Our site is thebigcall.net. Please frequent our site as we move forward.
Bruce:  Thank everyone on our team of Sue, Bob, Tank and those behind the scenes as Ken and others. Thank you guys for your support.  I wish everyone a great weekend. I hope all could get on the call live. If not check the replay of the call.  Everyone thank you for coming in tonight listening.   Thank you to our banking partners. Good night everyone.

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