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Bruce:   Welcome everybody to the Big Call and welcome all special guests, new listeners and faithful listeners.  As our Intel is sort of coming to an end getting closer to the end of the ride. Not a whole lot we have since last Tuesday. On Tuesday we talked about Iraq and Ira getting ready to celebrate and getting ready to put their lower denominations out. Here is where we are on that, the lower denominations in Iraq went out yesterday, they put out 38 trillion dollars worth of lower denominations of dinar.

This morning another 98 trillion went out in lower denominations throughout the country into all the banks in Iraq.  They are all set with lower denominations. The last movement of that was early this morning. We understood once the lower denominations went out that once Iraq was paid, we will be getting paid. That is pretty close where we are. Almost there.  We are not quite there, but almost.

ruce:  Something else was done today on their Smart Cards, so called Qi cards, prepaid Debit Cards.  Those Qi cards were used and filled today in conjunction with the lower denominations going out and being exchangeable for Dinar in Iraq for the higher denominations for like what we hold for Iraq. I think have a feeling it is a combination of exchanging for lower denominations and for credit on their Qi cards. That is sort of my opinion that was done that was going on in Iraq. We know that the rates in Iraq have gone up due to the bond offering we talked about on Tuesday call. Those bond offerings did complete but took a long time for them to complete somewhat due to the scrutiny of Government agency because of the purchases of those bonds.  I believe the 25 million dollars worth of those bonds were sold.

Bruce:  We also understood they had a couple of plane loads of fireworks from China were delivered this week, and even hired someone form the United States to orchestrate them. My understanding is they haven’t done the firework display yet, but understand that is coming as part of the celebration anytime now whether it is tonight or tomorrow. WE should have it coming very shortly from what I am being told.

Bruce:  The lower denominations are out and available in Iraq now.  That is a major milestone for them and for us. As far as rates are concerned, the rates in Iraq have continued to go up a little bit as a result of the bonds. They have exceeded the goal they wanted to hit in terms of a market rate or in case of Iraq an International rate.  That is very positive for us.

Bruce:  The other currencies have continued to hold value. Pretty much where they were. We did hear on the private negotiable rate we did hear the Dong did go up about 6 or 7 dollars, and then went up a couple of dollars yesterday. So that is good. That is a much higher rate we ever thought the Dong would be. This is a negotiable rate. A rate you would negotiate if you had humanitarian project and tried to get something more that the normal screen rate would be. That is very positive.

Bruce:  The ZIM is absolutely astronomical in terms where it is now.  It is way up there more than we thought it ever could go to. That is because it is tied in with the Chinese Yuan basically as a reserve currency for the continent of Africa.  It has a much greater value.  The currency we hold because it is a historical bond. That is why it holds a much higher value than we ever thought possible.  That is a good thing if you hold the Zimbabwe dollar. It is a very good thing so much so that for those who do have ZIM and you go to exchange you will be asked to exchange early meaning first and not wait. You been asked to exchange early when we get the go ahead, the toll free number. We can put that out or however they going to do that you will want to go in and they want to pull that ZIM off the street quickly.  There are a total of about 206,000 ZIM holders plus or minus in the United States.  They can process those very fast, very quickly. 

Bruce:  The rates are super, extremely good. I going to say if you are a ZIM holder, you are chosen for this and see yourself not as super special, but rather someone chosen for a purpose. Someone able to put the blessing you are receiving to the humanitarian projects that you have in mind when you go into exchange. It is a special calling we have. My intention is use all of my ZIM redemption for humanitarian projects and employment opportunities, just all of it in the God Fund. The other currency will be fine and hold for anything I need as far as that goes. That is something you might want to look at. Take a relatively large percent of that exchange of ZIM and use it for your God Fund, Humanitarian projects, your Ministry, Employment opportunities.  That rate is so high that you might think why do we need that much?  Well, we don’t know what we could come up against in the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years, but certain things like a trip to Mars, space travel, space flight.  Some of this stuff going to take some real money. We want to be able to help build the country back up, and sort of use some of the funds possible for major infrastructure projects. Consider that if you don’t have any projects put together yet.  I told you last time we can use the concept of taking 5,000 of the Big Call listeners and have all the states covered by having a hundred listeners per state. Each listener would adopt a city or town and be able to purchase run down properties in that city.  Literally build that city out one house, one neighborhood at a time, one group of families at a time. I think that is something that the President Elect is wanting to do anyway as a builder. We can help alongside bring that type of prosperity to the inner city, to our cities that maybe run down and need that type of a hand.  I am telling you community gardens are really good for us to get going with those in the city as well as strong neighborhoods. Remember in the 50’s, 60’s those of us who are older remember the neighborhoods we grew up in, and maybe they were rough or maybe they weren’t rough. If you grew up in a neighborhood that knew your neighbors. People stopped by to talk or might have come up on the porch and have a glass of tea if you in the South.  That is what they did, still do. That is the life we want to have again. We want to have the life where we can share and have that kind of fellowship with our neighbors.  Let consider that. Something we are looking forward doing together.

 Bruce:  Beyond the currencies where we are, we made it through the Election.  As the prayer request said we do want all of our hearts to remain soften.  We want to come together as a country.  We want to work with others we might have been opposed to in terms of ideology and bring forgiveness to the situation so that we can work together as one coherent country. I am looking forward to that. It is time to forgive and move on, and we can do what is best for all of us which is unity. Come together. Can’t mean we can’t have different opinions and have discourse of discussion of that. We want that, but realize we are one people here and we need to sort of come together in spirit. I am hoping that we can do that as a country.

Bruce:  We have known we had UN announcement about this. We know the Paris Agreement is in the situation it is going to be processed and put into play. We know we are intangible waiting for an IMF announcement. Don’t know when that is going to air, but something we can keep an eye out for. Realistically we are in a place we are looking for to this to come through for us without too much more delay. That is why the song beginning of the call “No More Delays”.  We are looking for this thing to roll out. We heard in other countries for example certain people have been called into their banks to do an exchange where a month or two ago the bank might have kicked them out the door. Now the banks are realizing that and more so around the world where exchanges are already beginning or just about to begin depending on the situation. We know Platform trades are paying out or just about to pay out. We are sort of at the point where the Groups, Sub Groups Paymasters have been educated what the protocol is. Everything is coming to a point where we should be ready to go shortly for a shotgun start.  I want everybody to stay confident and calm and realize our time of redemption of our currency draws nigh. That is what we are all looking forward to. WE have been patient. I ask you to continue to be patient a little while longer because I really think we should be right there.  I heard some time frames, some deadlines. They are very close, almost not worth mentioning. We are right where we need to be. Stay in tuned everybody.

Bruce:  For right now that is all the Intel I going to bring. I just going to say if going to say or get anything else before the end of the call I will bring that. The next step is the assimilation of the toll free number to call in. I think I mentioned the last time the call in process will be a two step process. You will call in tell them what it is you are interesting in exchanging. If you have ZIM you will get a different number to call. You will call to set up your appointment based on your locale, your Zip Code, that area.  You will be sort of be queued in a different Redemption center that is designed to handle the ZIM as well as the other currencies. IF you don’t have ZIM you will be moved into a number that will take you and handle your currencies you do have and will be doing that as well. It is a funnel effect that will be taking place for this. I think guys we have talked quite about in the past about procedures.  I think everybody is basically ready to go. You know to have one to three pages of sort of an outline, bullet type outline available to explain to your currency redemption team what you plan to do with the majority of your currency exchange.   Let them know what it is you have in mind in terms of your projects. That will be so that you can negotiate a privately negotiated rate on the ZIM and other currencies you have as well is also available.  We may come back and address anything else if I think there is anything else we need to talk about.

Tank:  Just one thing to keep in mind I was told this and it is worth mentioning. According to the arrangement and deal made, according to International Law once the lower denominations were finally put out. We heard several times Iraq did, Qi cards. We have known the lower denominations were in the banks and ready to be distributed. Once they were distributed, and I don’t know what that is inclusive of. I don’t know if they have to hit every providence and every city.  From that point the rest of the world has to RV within 24 hours of that time.  That is what I want to put out there. It is a very solid and encouraging factual idea of how close we are. I know how this can wear on people that they have heard the same thing over and over again. That is something that just happened and verified factual.  That time frame is also verified factual. I would say that based on some of the releases given by IMF that they fully intend to do that. They are on schedule to perform in that time frame.  I wanted to make sure to put that out there.

Bruce:  That is really good, Tank. Thank you for bringing that out because if they do adhere to that from what Tank is saying, we are perfectly in great shape right now because the lower denominations went out yesterday and then this morning early in the tune of 38 trillion and then 98 trillion dollars worth in lower denominations went out to the provisions today. Today. So that is really good. Tomorrow is Veterans Day. It is 11/11. I want to thank all the Veterans that have served in our country to keep us free. I want to celebrate that day tomorrow. The banks are closed.  The redemptions centers are not closed tomorrow. Here is an opportunity for us, quite possibly to go into the redemption centers through the weekend. We will see how that works out for us. But everybody keep in mind Veterans Day tomorrow, celebrate that. It is a 3 day weekend that some of us thought we might need, look forward to. It is a 3 day weekend with tomorrow being a Bank Holiday. I don’t know if everybody is off work or not, but certainly tomorrow is an important day. Wouldn’t it be nice if tomorrow is a day we ended up being a day where we want to be.  Let just say it that way. Thank you, Tank for bringing that in. If there is anything else at the end of the call we will do a little Intel segment at the end as well.

Bruce:  We look back what all has occurred and look back and see we didn’t know that needed to happen and we were that far along. They needed the new President to be elected and make that slight transition. I am excited about not the fact we had to wait until the election was complete, that the lower denominations went out early this morning our time.  They have something in the legistration in 24 hours. If you made it this far like most of have, it is going to really good. We going to make a network situation to communicate with people online to network together on projects we have in common.

Bruce:  Thank you all and have hopefully a great weekend start and it be a weekend of celebration. Keep an eye on thebigcall.net to see if we get the toll free number to call and set your appointments. We hope we be honored enough to help in the process. Thank you banks around the world, and all the listeners. I look forward to communicating with you with another call or a recording of celebration.

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