Sunday, November 13, 2016

Some Transcription from WSOMN, 13 NOV

Some Transcription:  

Hi Currency Holders.  This info is the best we've heard so far.  Let's hope & pray this is finally it.  This is dated today. 

The GCR/RV tiers 1-4 have been released.  All funds for the exchange of the IQD, the VND, the ZIM, and the Rupiah have all been authorized, as well as all bonds and boxes. 

800 numbers will be released tomorrow.  Now that's not tomorrow for us, they explain that. 
That means at 6:15am eastern time from the Philippines. So anytime after noon would be tomorrow. Just told that the release was to go this morning at 5am.

Was delayed until 9am, and is currently set to go at 3pm eastern time.

Reno is in lockdown. No information in or out. All centers are geared up to go.



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