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Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Nov. 19 2016

Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Nov. 19 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours (EST) of 19 Nov. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. Nov. 18 2016 11:11pm EST Republic Update: Sumo" - Republic Update - Friday - November 17, 2016

1. At 6am EST Sat. morning, the "special jubilee" ends Sunday in New Zealand at midnight (16 hours ahead). This moment marks the official T4 start of the RV.

2. The AIIB (Asian International Bank), Wells Fargo and restored US Republic all had final detailed meetings today Nov. 18 2016, and went carefully over everything under the sun regarding the RV rollout, as well as future Psy-Ops to deny its existence.

3. These meetings arrived at a firm release time, with several back up options all on the table tonight, with the basic goal to slip in the RV over the weekend before the Thanksgiving Day holiday buying season.

4. We understand that the global debt jubilee has occurred and will now find its way down to the general populations of all nations.

5. We were expectant of the opening of the Saint Germaine Trust that included the Matrix Funds reserved for humanity (69 zeros) occurred earlier in the week.

6. Starting domestic and international screen rates have now been loaded.

7. Sovereign rates that have long been showing have been restricted.

8. As of yesterday Nov. 17 2016, the Admiral's funds were made available in Reno for release.

9. Iraqi banks are all freely pinging with other world banks.

10. The IQD is showing a double digit international rate right now Nov. 18 2016.

11. Worldwide banking notifications went out yesterday Nov. 17 2016 alerting all global banks to prepare for the immanent revaluation of currencies over the weekend.

12. Other than that, not much going on. God is with us.

B. Nov. 18 2016 11:17 pm EST Confirmed Zim Sovereign Rate: Confirmed ZIM Sovereign Rates - Friday - November 17, 2016 1 ZIM = $53,000.00 USN

C. Nov. 18 2016 4:06 pm EST Veritas Report: What Was The Hold Up" - Veritas Report - 11.18.16

1. It helps to remember that this is a massive process that is absolutely moving on the last steps. Final testing of distribution tracking so that cabal is totally contained, was part of the process after release. Just slower than our excited selves want.

2. Other payments that must be made prior to Tier 3 preparations were not flowing smoothly. That is being taken care of now.

3. Watch over the weekend for our magic number.

4. Full court press is Mon. Nov. 21 2016 as best estimate based on all inside Intel.

5. Different pieces will flow through next week, but we should all be at a clear understanding of what and when as the week begins. I am so utterly stoked. Veritas

D. Nov. 18 2016 3:38 pm EST WSOMN Catallina: "Bank Codes Released" - Intel from WSOMN Catallina

1. Bank codes were released last night Nov. 17 2016.

2. It will be optional to knock off or not knock off zeros from the Zim. (Likely dependent upon whether or not you want to sign an NDA)

3. Zim rates are high - confirmed by bank contact overseas.

4. Countries will receive the sovereign rates.

5. Humanitarian programs are not required (although you will likely receive the lower rates if you chose not to dedicate at least 80% to humanitarian work, sign an NDA and agree to a long term payout).

6. It was confirmed by a bank exec this am Nov. 18 2016 that money is moving in Reno.

7. Banks are pushing for the day after Thanksgiving, but most redemption center employees are working Thanksgiving. God bless them!

E. Nov. 18 2016 WingIt Call with Gerry Maguire, Art, IKO: Wingit Call - IQD Calls Home

1. You don't have to sign an Non Disclosure Agreement or NDA, if you chose market rates rather than sovereign rates.

2. Today Nov. 18 2016, the market rate on the Zim was reported as $ .33. (Unsure if you take 6 zeros off or not).

3. Today Nov. 18 2016, the Central Bank of Iraq is showing the Dinar in-country rate as $1.13 (which for the market rate could be $1.13 timed by 6, or be $6.78).

F. Nov. 18 2016 One Who Believes: "My GCR Feeling - Update #2" - One Who Believes - 11.18.16

1. I get a very strong feeling that the RV will go tomorrow, Sat. Nov. 19 because everything is right for that date as shown:

a. Bruce could not give intel last night. My personal feeling is that it was not from information he got from his normal contacts. I think he got the "Intel Package" that was hand delivered. My guess is that it has all the information including the 800#s and exactly when to post them.

b. Admin Bill has been saying that he also expected to get an Intel Package and now he has gone silent.... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

c. Saturday is a good day for the CGR because it is the only day of the week that all markets and banks are closed, in all countries of the world.

d. Yosef said that the bad guys "will lose all pre-negotiated amnesty and be publicly exposed" if this GCR doesn't go by Sun. Nov. 20."Slavery" - RV Intel Update - Wednesday - November 16, 2016

e. According to an article posted in 2015 the (Debt Forgiveness) Jubilee goes from Dec. 8 2015 until Nov. 20 2016https://www.ncronline.org/news/vatican/francis-announces-new-global-jubilee-holy-year-mercy

This story appeared in the March 27-April 9, 2015 print issue under the headline "Pope Declares Jubilee Year of Mercy": "Francis on Friday said the new jubilee would begin on this year's Catholic feast of the Immaculate Conception, celebrated Dec. 8. It will close on Nov. 20, 2016, the day celebrated that year as the feast of Christ the King."

f. The bottom line is that Sat. Nov. 19 is the date that I feel it will go because of the above stated reasons. Could it change? Yes, it has changed many times so far, but I do feel very good about tomorrow.

G. Nov. 18 2016 WSOMN AdminBill Blondie: "Treat as Rumor" - Last Night's WSOMN Intel, Thoughts w/ Blondie

1. TREAT AS RUMOR Heard something got released from Africa and it wasn't zebras. A green light.

2. Here's a little news I saw posted in a room. Boots on the ground (oh another one for our list) in Iraq, exchanging for $1.17. Another post, for $1.13. TREAT AS RUMOR

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