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Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Nov. 13 2016, 13 NOV

Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Nov. 13 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 13 Nov. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com (Without warning or explanation and after I published links to my articles on the Clinton Foundation that showed ties to an International Child Exploitation Ring funded by global elites, my Child Abuse Recovery website (www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com) was illegally taken off the Internet, although at least for now, you can find my articles on: http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/bio.html

A. Nov. 12 2016 Dinar Detectives WSOMN SunnysPlace & Gary Larrabee:https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=ZMXOMj-QUIM


Ok guys, This is just in and don't shoot the messenger, please:

1. It's supposed to RV tomorrow Sunday Nov. 13 2016.

2. Reno is in lockdown.

3. I have heard much along the same lines a couple of times these last two days, so we cross our fingers and wait it out.

4. The transcription was dated today, Nov. 12 2016.

5. The Global Currency Reset Tiers 1 through 4 have been released.

6. All funds for the exchange of the IQD (Dinar), the VND (Dong), the ZIM and the Rupiah (Iran) have been authorized, as well as all bonds and boxes.

7. The 800 numbers will be released tomorrow, Nov. 13 2016 from the Philippines. That could mean anytime after noon today.

8. Reno is on lock down - no information in or out. All centers are geared up to go.

B. Nov. 12 2016 Dinar Detectives, Dinar Chronicles ZAP:
RV is Underway" - ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 11.12.16

1. The long awaited RV is now underway as the confirmation of payments has shown.

2. President-elect Trump is working with great care on the machinations and timings that are on the table. There will no longer be a continuation of the Bush/Clinton crime cabal. He has also released an action plan which shows the direction he is taking in getting the USA back on its feet.

3. I am really happy with the tone and tenor of the Royals and Elders as they are simply ecstatic with developments, and the lear path for the implementation of the Plan.

4. It was confirmed that the two big guys in Reno cashed out and others are about to.

5. I was told the 800 numbers would be forthcoming this weekend.

6. As soon as I have more info, I will post, but know that we are moving rapidly to the conclusion of the work that was enacted for the RV.

C. Nov. 12 2016 Republic Update Opposites: "Opposites" - Republic Update - Saturday - November 12, 2016

D. Nov. 12 2016 ZIM Sovereign Rate Update: Confirmed ZIM Sovereign Rate Update - Saturday - Nov... Confirmed ZIM Sovereign Rate Update #2 - Saturday - ...

1. 1 ZIM = $40,000.00 USN+ (later that night published @ 1 ZIM = $42,000.00 USN+)

2. Sovereign rates are shared only so that individuals understand their negotiating parameters.

3. Individuals may privately negotiate any redemption rate they deem comfortable between on-screen rate and sovereign rate parameters.

4. Everyone can expect to sign and fall under the guidelines of a Non Disclosure Agreement for all ZIM privately negotiated redemptions.

E. Nov. 10 2016 6:59 pm EST Suzi: "Seeking Dialogue: Proposed Merger" - Guest Post by Suzi

1. The Restoration movement to restore our governance to our land jurisdiction under our original Constitution is not going away. The movement is already established, growing in all 50 states, has over 9 million marshalls functioning as peace keepers and X millions of emancipated state Nationals (formerly, U.S. Corp. citizens). IMO this movement is growing, and because it is based in TRUTH will eventually become our only permanent solution when everything shakes out.

2. In my opinion the implementation of NESARA is nearly there.

3. Given Trump’s victory speech in which he stated that he works for We the People, I have to believe that he is both familiar with and sympathetic to the Restoration movement. It's no accident that Trump thinks like NESARA. His phrases were carefully thought out and selected so as to plant the right tone for acceptance of NESARA.

4. I believe that Trump is sincere in a love for the country and the people. He has taken on a very courageous role and is looking at the big picture that you don't see. He is helping to get back to the Constitution and NESARA with the Cabal out.

5. Trump's rough style was necessary to unite a diversified voting population. It worked.

F. Nov. 11 2016 11:11pm EST: "A prophecy": "Prophecy" - RV Prediction - Friday - November 11, 2016

G. Nov. 13 2016 1:39 am Veritas Report: Answers for 11/12/2016" - Veritas Report - 11.13.16

1. We have been told that the NDA is optional and that when we exchanged we would have to take a lesser amount if we opted to not sign an NDA.

2. I am understanding the it is not even Constitutional to require a NDA.

3. I was also told by someone in contact with the people at the top that an NDA would be a noose around your neck and that it did not protect you if you know how to keep your mouth shut. It really benefits the bankers.

4. My understanding is that there will not be an NDA if you are simply exchanging for a base rate.

5. The NDA only comes into play when you are getting a structured settlement.

6. I believe it is really simply to be certain that there is a "Claw Back" provision in it. A Claw Back outlines certain conditions upon which funds can be taken back.

7. Logically you will need to be certain that you ca share your rate with legal or financial licensed professionals. This will need to be shown in the NDA as a provision or exception.

8. Simply explain to the person at your exchange that this is your concern. See how they feel the situation can be handled and have them point out where in the NDA it shows how to handle this type of situation as you prepare tax returns, get business loans, make donations or purchases, etc.

9. There are many situations that require proof of clean and clear funds. I suspect that for the most part a Certificate of Certification from your exchange bank may protect these funds from there on. Just ask.

10. The other aspect of the Claw Back is the conditions under which it would come into effect. Is it from a documented case of inappropriate disclosure? Is it based on suspicion only?

11. Indicate that you have every expectation of honoring the NDA, but you want to understand what the expectation is. Is there a hearing? Is there a period of time to address a dispute?

12. Another aspect is regarding funds already expended or assets purchased to initiate projects or personal purchases. Can they claim such assets back rather than remaining cash?

13. I suspect the NDA will contain a provision that makes it so you can't sue later if you feel it was violated. I would ask directly your concerns.

14. I understand you can take an attorney or accountant to your exchange. Be careful. Most attorneys and accountants do not have a clue what is happening.

15. There will certainly be taxes on the structured settlement piece.

16. There will certainly be a Claw Back provision.

17. Depending on your situation, comfort zone and inspiration, either signing an NDA or taking the lower rates and not signing one may be the right choice for you.

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