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"Response to ActualFactual So Close" - Veritas - 11.15.16

"Response to ActualFactual So Close" - Veritas - 11.15.16

What a great post! I so get it, ActualFactual. I really love the way you put it and I so remember feeling that way. Even now, knowing what I know, "so close" can drive all of us crazy.
Here is what it means, at least in my opinion.
I have participated for 9 years. At first I was just someone putting in projects, expecting funding and got just as irritated as the next person when that funding didn't come through. You go through the first Christmas, second Christmas, summer vacations, month after month. It creates a roller coaster of anticipation and let down that is really difficult for most to handle.
Eventually my rational mind rose above the obvious stuff and wondered what this was really all about. This was back when I thought news on TV was really the news. You know, that innocent place.
Some of my associates blew it off after that first year. That was long before I realized there was currency involved. You see, there is a lot of competition and secrecy in famous families. The ones "who know" don't always share with the others. It took a long time and a lot of research, lots of conversations, hours sorting through, thinking it out. I observed current events around the world, read articles in other languages, made a lot of friends outside of the U.S., grew my contacts in this area just as I would in any other business venture.
Over time, I came to KNOW.
 My understanding reached a level that my spiritual life confirmed.
I felt a calling to lead and to prepare.
After spiritual confirmation, I have worked every hour of every day in order to be ready to implement.
I wish I could give you my path, but it doesn't work that way. You have to earn your own way to this knowledge. If not, you would not be prepared to receive the gift or to use it properly.
It makes you a bit more patient, despite all the daily needs which are tremendous, to wait and watch.
I see it as a new archer. It takes many arrows to learn how to hit the mark. Every single delay has had a reason. It isn't to deceive, it is simply very difficult.
Watch with me and see the tip pierce the circle at last.
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