Monday, November 7, 2016



Cleitus:  This announcement or article has now just been reported to us. (see article below)   
If this is correct..., and, I'm reading this at 6:45pm EST, the time in Iraq is now 7-8 hours ahead of EST.   This means Parliament had to approve this well before the 11th.  What else will be coming out of Iraq that we yet don't know?  IRAQ!!!

Militia:  So it looks as they have the budget done with the second reading. Note that it is "subject to". That reads IMO that it can be amended as need be. For instance, you say you need 100 houses for displaced women and children. Turns out ten found a husband and don't need the housing any longer. Budget goes green. Vice Versa..

The fact that this is said to be at this stage on the 7th the same day that they have the meeting with the IMF in regard to MPs is oh so telling. The photo op with Barzani and Abadi smiling on the red carpet adds to the ambience of it all. IMO that red carpet, hand shakes and smiles is not stress related to war. It is victory and reconciliation with payday and global agreements in action!!

The Unami has IRAQs back with force if need be. They are lately talking of lower denoms and replacing the dollar with dinar, selling bonds on the ISX. The list goes on.

Lets hope and pray that what they are doing by actions is literally telling us we are almost home or in the driveway at this point from prom night!! Lol

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