Saturday, November 5, 2016


Militia:   Samson, this is a gem! (see article below)  The UST and the CBI working together to stop corruption and implement together a process to monitor and halt the use of the Dollar, and put in use the Dinar.

It sounds like past tense, as in they stopped the use of the dollar ... At least for Daesh and from the sounds of  it it goes far deeper now over the last year than the previous 13 years. The UST and CBI have "dramatically reduced the shipments of the dollar and re placed or are replacing with dinar (Lower Denoms) ".

IMO  There would be no need at a program rate to do this. The IMF put out the 2016 -2020 plan. It is being implemented, clearly! 

If  this doesn't wake us up on an early Saturday morning I am not sure any coffee will!! Lol

raq has been endorsed  by about 170 countries (white listed) and has no restrictions on the Dinar now. They are specifically telling us that the dinar is going to be used and not the dollar.

This IMO is proof that the MCPs ( Multi Currency Policies)  are coming to an abrupt halt and for them to be ready by early 2017 appears to be on track for introducing the results and physical application of Iraq's Monetary Policy as in now.

The budget is being read today for the second time. Today is the 5th.

The IMF meeting is the 7th and our election is the 8th.

The article is a confirmation for that 7th meeting ahead of schedule while the right hand that waves over Mosul, while the left hand works behind the scenes on MP, it may very well be the flag planted in the center of Mosul freeing Iraq from Isis, being fully liberated and Re-Instated into the world economy with in country purchasing power, and global recognition with an international value for all to see and use. Fascinating!! 


Samson:  Washington is optimistic halt funding Daesh

 05/11/2016 - 13:25

Confirmed chief financial officer at the US Embassy in Iraq, John Sullivan, that cooperation between Washington and Baghdad to stop the financing «Daesh» come a long way, and that the organization, which «reproduced style Mafia» is going through a financial crisis "undermined preparations for the battle of Mosul and Stnhia in its current form in the event of losing the city.

Sullivan said the international press conversation, said that «the first agreement of its kind between the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department on the one hand, and the Central Bank of Iraq, on the other hand to monitor the dollar shipments and ensure the prevention of the arrival of these funds to illicit destinations, is successfully applied, a shift in this file points.

He added that «the bank to the Iraqi central leadership on the Keywords and through close cooperation with the US side blacklist to prevent funds from reaching the territory controlled by Daesh mode, and has more than 150 companies today.

Among the most important achievements of the Convention "dramatically reduce the dollar shipments to Iraq and replace dinar".

He said that since before the signing of the agreement «The militants Daesh deal in dollars, and this stopped today», adding that «the senior leadership of the organization arrested in dollars», spoke about the financial crisis afflicting «Daesh» and added that «normal armed salary fell more than 50 percent, as well as to their dealings Dinars prevents them from making international transactions ».He pointed out that Iraq «was one of the countries that buy the dollar for years and there are a radical change today».

Sullivan praised Iraq's efforts to reform the central bank, has «done during the year more than what has been achieved in the past 13 years». He added that Washington and Baghdad «will exchange intelligence, financial, security information required to stop for Daesh transfers.»

He added that the organization «was formerly dependent on oil prices and after the decline began trying to swap oil with goods or services». He revealed that the campaign against Mosul found a lot of cash cache


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