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Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Nov. 22 2016

Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Nov. 22 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours (EST) of 22 Nov. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. Nov. 21 2016 Republic Update: "Community" - Republic Update - Monday - November 21, 2016

1. There are over 12,000 couriers in North America dropping off packets, some of which actually include 800#s for key "Internet influencers."

2. These couriers are a big part of getting everyone who was owed something from past litigation or investment their rightful claim/check.

3. There's a line for the public, whereby everyone who was owed something leading up to the RV needs to be paid out in full before anyone new can receive fresh pay outs. This includes (the Internet Group) currency holders.

4. The initial "go order" went out at 3:00 pm EST Sun Nov. 20 2016, then stopped 8 hours later, right before we felt our tier of packets was to disburse.

5. The process started again in earnest at the T4 level at 11pm EST last night Nov. 20 2016, then stopped dead in its tracks.

6. The courier process was cranked back up today Nov. 21 2016 at 9am EST, but we have heard little as to where we are in the process tonight.

7. Massive tranches are flooding our US central banks and central banks worldwide.

8. The New Powers That Be must want to maximize the release date and the best time, IMHO, to hydrate the world is right before Thanksgiving, as the United States is the leading consumer of all global retail goods hands down, and Black Friday is by far our biggest retail shopping day of the year, which also now includes Cyber Monday.

9. IMHO the greatest good for all humanity would be to release the RV before the Thanksgiving holiday, not after. It would make sense to give people enough time to set appointments and actually spend the money versus giving it to them during or after the Thanksgiving holiday rush.

10. Perhaps this is why these massive tranches are suddenly hitting the banks now.

11. As for the restored Republic, no one can be President of corporation that does not legally exist. It's a legal thing. The United States of America, Inc. was incorporated back in 1871, domiciled in Puerto Rico. US inc. defaulted as a sovereign nation in the summer of 2015.

12. We have known for over a year Ryan has been the acting Republic President since he took the Speaker of the House position in Oct. 2015 because we also know Obama, Biden and Boehner were all forced to resign by order of the Pope when he visited Washington, D.C. in Sept. 2015 as part of the Roman Church's amnesty deal with the Elders via international court settlement.

13. We've also seen signed military orders with Commander in Chief Paul Ryan signed on the document.

14. The Chinese/Russians/Iranians/Indians/Elders hold the majority of our defaulted US Treasury bond debt, and they would simply not allow two blatant cabal family members like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to run their restored nation/investment.

B. Nov. 21 2016 TNT Call RayRen98: iTeleseminar.com/91909218

1. A report this morning said that the Dinar is tradeable (I'm assuming that means out of the country). We await solid confirmation.

2. Everybody is saying that everything done, so we could see an RV any minute now.

3. The Dinar and Dong will revalue at the same time.

4. Today the International Rates were: ZIM: $.16 to $1.00; Afghani: $2.39; Rial: $3.22.

5. I know people who have exchanged and I know someone who is using the Iraqi card in the US.

6. We are still at any minute, any hour, any day as far as I’m concerned. The end is coming. There are a lot of indicators. Some say before the Thanksgiving holiday, some say by the end of the month and some say by the end of the year. It will happen in 2016.

C. Nov. 21 2016 GCR Update Yosef: "Yesterday​" - GESARA Update - Monday - November 21, 2016 The following 20 events have either occurred on, or were completed before Sundown EST Sun. Nov. 20 2016:

1. Nov. 20 2016 was the agreed upon date for the official surrender moment and/or global power transition whereby the Pindar or Vicar of the Rome (aka Grey Pope) was to peacefully hand over humanity and planet earth back to Sovereign Hu-Man Elders (aka Keepers of the Global Collateral Accounts, led by Grandfather). The Pope's Special Jubilee Year​ Ended (denying future amnesty for any bad acting cabal members). http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/esp_vatican144.htm

​2. This was the ​Last Weekend Before ​The ​Winter Holiday Season to Stimulate Global Economy​ For 2017​​.​

3. This was the ​Last Weekend of ​The 2016 ​Catholic Calendar Year ​& Final ​Year of ​Catholicsm's Self-Imposed Rule Over Humanity.

4. G20 Leaders ​Were ​Gathered in Peru ​Over The Weekend​ For final Discussions of GESARA/Disclosure/GCR/RV​​.​

5. All Central Banks of the World had Converted Over to The​ New Asian Based CIPS Financial System.​

​6. The ​2016 US ​Presidential ​Election​s Have Been​ Resolved​ And Republic Political Transition Plan Set.

​7. A C​lean Republican Majority ​Now Exists ​in All Branches of ​A Unified Republican US ​Gov​ernment.​

​8. A ​Re-Issue​ing​ of Sovereign Bonds Globally​ Begins First Thing Mon. morning Nov. 21 2016​​.​

9. By Mon morning Nov. 21 2016 private exchange couriers ​were ​deployed​ and completed their assignment benchmarks.​

10. All Wars Between Nations Have Been Quelled With All Major Terrorist Conflicts ​Under Control​.​

​11. The 2015 ​Paris Agreement ​Had Been Signed, Ratified by 55 Nations & 55% of Carbon Emitters and Put Into Force​ on Nov. 5, 2016.​

​12. Restored ​Republic Congress and ​it's ​President ​/ Vice President-Elect Took An Oath of Office in Reno.​

13. All Zimbabwe Sovereign Debt ​Was Either ​Paid ​Off ​or Forgiven​ By The IMF, World Bank and African Development Bank​​.​

​14. A ​New Issue of ZIM Bonds at Parity with USN​ Has Been Made Legal Tender and Announced in Print.​

15. Redemption Center Employees Agre​ed in Majority to Work ​The Thanksgiving ​Holiday &​ Corresponding​ Weekend​.​

16. R​estored R​epublic Currency ​Has ​Already ​Been Placed ​in Bank Vaults with ​The ​Gold Standard Re-Enacted by ​A Private Voting ​​Republic Congress​, Waiting for Public Presidential Signature​​.​

​17. Under One Month ​Remains Before ​The ​Electoral College Vote ​to Elect A Republic President &​ The Start of The​ Christmas​ Holiday Season​​.​

​18. The ​Cabal Pindar Slain & Minions ​Have Been Long ​Reduced to ​A Smoking Pile of ​Rubble​.​

19. GESARA Implementation ​Is​ Now ​Deemed ​Mandatory​ For All Sovereign Nations​​.​

20. The Global Collateral Accounts Were Opened, Including The Matrix Funds Reserved Exclusively For Humanity's Ascension (69 zeros).​

D. Nov. 20 2016 Sun evening 11:30 pm EST WSOMN AdminBill:

1. My contacts and I were told that we would not get out of the weekend without the RV/GCR, yet it is Sun. night and rumors persist, but results are the same: no RV/GCR.

2. The banks are ready and financial system is on the brink of collapse should the RV/GCR not be released.

3. I was told that a formal agreement that releases zeros from the ZIM was signed last Monday Nov. 14 2016.

4. Evidently every day last week packages containing the 800 number codes were posed to be sent.

5. These are good people bringing me information so I take it as truth. They have the utmost faith in the people they talk to.

6. The WSOMN Chatroom will close tonight. Daily updates will change to Tues, Thurs and Sat unless otherwise required.

E. Nov. 21 2016 9:39 am EST Fulford Report: "Free from Khazarian Control" - Fulford Report - 11.21.16 benjamin

1. Finally free from Khazarian control are Hungary, UK, US, Bulgaria, and Moldova. Austria, Italy, and South Korea are next with elections due on Dec. 4 2016. The UK liberated itself with the Brexit vote while the Americans freed themselves by electing Donald Trump.

There is a likely election of Marine Le Pen as President of France in May 2017 and ouster of German Chancellor Angelina Merkel sometime in 2017. In South Korea Khazarian puppet President Park Geun Hye has been exposed as totally corrupt and is being removed from power. In Japan right-wing forces are moving against Khazarian proxies like Yasuyuki Nambu of the Pasona Group, Masayoshi Son of Softbank and others to prepare the way for the liberation of this country.

2. The European Union, United Nations, IMF and World Bank are expected to collapse before being replaced by more representative, meritocratic, democratic and competently run institutions. Much of this outcome hinges on the power struggle in Washington D.C.

3. The first senior staff members selected by Donald Trump are all US armed forces veterans making it clear his government will be strongly linked to the US military. Navy veteran Steve Bannon is Chief Strategist, army veterans Mike Pompeo, Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn respectively have the jobs of CIA head, Attorney General and Director of National Security. So far no neocons or Khazarians have been selected.

4. CIA sources tell us that arch-criminal George Soros has been “taken out." Pentagon sources are saying that others to be removed include Senator John “ISIS” McCain and Edgar Bronfman who “owns McCain.”

5. Other Pentagon sources say that a special “navy doomsday plane” was sent to fly from California to Denver last week to deploy “special weapons” in order to “drive cabalists out of underground bases” so that they could be arrested.

6. White Dragon Society sources in Antarctica say that, "One of our team members in Antarctica saw David Rockefeller with his son Richard at ‘The Base’ along with several other elites from Europe. There is a top secret meeting taking place there now. The word is that they are preparing for Jan. 20 2017.”

7. When Barack Obama loses his ability to issue pardons on Jan. 20 2017, there will be a flood of revelations coming out of the US agencies about pedophilia and human sacrifice carried out by many well-known US and European politicians and personalities.

8. The Rothschilds and their kinfolk can also expect hearings about what really caused the Asian tsunami of 2006, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster of 2011, the Haiti tsunami etc. The world will find out they are a bunch of ruthless mass murderers.

F. Nov. 21 2016 Analysis on taking the base rate vs. a negotiated rate: "ZIM Base Rate and More" - Guest Post by Bob T

An analysis of how to make an intelligent decision on whether or not to take the base rate as all cash and no NDA, verses taking the structured payout with a limited NDA, no claw back and a structured payout:

1. We would have to carefully read the limited NDA to make sure it has limited provisions and no claw back.

2. We would have to ask how many years the structured payout would run.

3. We would ask to be shown the base rate on the bank screen.

4. We would ask what is the highest rate that can be offered if we agree to a structured payout with a limited NDA

5. OK lets make some assumptions using hypothetical ZIM rates and do the mathematics:

a) Assume the bank screen base rate is $1

b) Assume that we can ask and get $10 for the structured rate. Here I am assuming that we would get a reasonable increase over the base rate for the structured rate, if they expect us to sign a limited NDA. There has to be a win-win here as we are not stupid.

c) Lets assume that the structured payout period is 5 years seniors (maybe longer for younger folks).

d) Assume a 20%/80% personal/projects split

e) Assume we have one 100T ZIM note

6. Here are our options from a mathematical viewpoint:

a) Option #1. Take the base rate all cash no NDA
100T x $1 = 100T personal cash, no bank limitations and personal privacy

b) Option #2. Take the $10 rate and structured payout over 5 years.
100T x $10 = 1000T total
Personal cash 20% x 1000T = 200T
Project funds 80% x 1000T = 800T
Five year payout 800T/5 yrs = 160T per year for project funding.

7. So if these assumptions are anywhere near reality then what is the best option? To me it would appear that the choice would be decided by how much project funding a person wants to handle and live with the NDA.

8. Even if we take the all cash base rate option and for our own protection, we would be advised to do our work anonymously just like if we signed an NDA.

G. Nov. 21 2016 A Must Read for patriots: The NESARA Law/Global Currency Reset/Restored Republic: What Really Happened to NESARA?

H. Answers to Foreign Exchanges: "Exchanging in Japan" - VERITAS Q&A - 11.21.16

I. Nov. 21 2016 Summary of Events for Nov. 20: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 21, 2016

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