Saturday, November 12, 2016



Salomon63:  The Iraqi dinar is like buying a stock.   To buy 1 share of the dinar it only costs .0009    But as buying pressure increases I would suspect we will see the price go to up to .001 inching higher and higher until they RV their currency.

On the inverse side.   1 dollar will buy you now approx. 1158 dinars.    That should begin to decrease to 1100 and below.

Very interesting times we live in.    Just as Donald Trump shocked the world by beating the odds against him to become our next president, Iraq is about to shock the world as well by coming back to LIFE!

I agree with those that have posted about Kim Clement.      He said that it would be nothing, nothing, nothing, and then all of a sudden something!

We are coming out of the night and I can see the sun is beginning to shine to reveal and expose what is really happening.

Thanks again Frank, Tink, Delta, and team for all you do.   I too am one who always watches the conference call but usually do not post but appreciate you guys SO MUCH!

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