Thursday, November 10, 2016



Tim:  gm family, is it me? or does someone else believe that someone let the air out of our fast pace sails to our investment

Frank26:  You

Eli15:  Good Morning Tim.  Sure does feel that way doesn't it .
Remember what the profit Kim Clements said......."Nothing, Nothing, Nothing and then SUDDENLY SOMETHING".     We patiently wait for our "suddenly something".


Andyswan:  Frank, Thank you for last nights CC.  I have a quick question I was wondering if you could answer.  Regarding the IMF meetings that were discussed last Wednesday, when Delta was on.  You made reference that the November meeting was "fake" or never existed.  (Never happened.) What about the December meeting?   Do we still need one more IMF meeting for them to put the blessing on Iraq's MF/MP? 

Frank26:  I should not have said fake ............ My apolgies. It's just that there was no info on the meeting.

As for the 7th of December ............. It's not just for the MoP and MoF ......... It covers all aspects of the MR ( Monetary Reform)  and ............ A second Loan.


Frank26:  CC NOTES from last night:  There will be Nothing ............ This rest of this week. 
SlappySquirrel:  Quiet before the storm??? I just read over on Fox that the Iraqi forces are taking a "pause" before resuming capturing the rest of Mosul...

IMO, I think they will announce a Mosul Victory after this " pause ", however long that lasts. 3, 4, 5 , 6 days whatever.This is EXACTLY ON TRACK with what Frank said last night about not hearing anything the rest of this week...

I don't even think they are necessarily taking a pause either.  Instead of reporting the last sections of Mosul being taken over, they will do it discreetly, and just announce Mosul Liberation as more of a SURPRISE...

The timing of this must be kept at the utmost secrecy...There is no advanced warning of a Mosul Liberation/ International Iraq.  It will just happen out of Nowhere, when you least expect it....IMO

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