Friday, November 25, 2016

"Gratitude" - VERITAS Report - 11.24.16 10:01 PM EST, 25 NOV

"Gratitude" - VERITAS Report - 11.24.16  10:01 PM EST

Don't get me wrong in this. Holidays are just wonderful. Thanksgiving and Christmas can be wonderfully inclusive, warm and fun. They bring out the best in us, particularly when we really share our love and joy. Just great when we radiate gratitude and joy.
My heart always goes out to those that do not experience the positive side of a holiday. I have seen many a homeless person sitting in despair on a cold Thanksgiving evening. I know what it is like to be the odd man out, when loss of spouse or family means you get well-meaning invitations to join in with someone else's family group. More power to the hostesses and hosts who can really make someone feel at home when their heart is breaking. It is an art form.
Holidays can bring out the angst of life.
I think my concern tonight lies with the members of this community that have already had their family relationships stretched to the max by their belief and participation here. It may be that this holiday is accentuating for you a disconnect or a loss. It may be that you are looking back over the years of effort and sacrifice and questioning yourself once again.
It is to you, the lonely, the ones who have sacrificed so very much, the determined, tough, gritty, and amazing people who have given it all, that I say - may this be the last holiday you suffer through. May you soon comfort those that suffer and turn the tables on this great adventure in your life.
I am grateful for you. I am aware of you. I am proud of you.
Please be reassured that this sacrifice will lead you to a position of honor and respect. It will not be long now before you will be able to focus all your being on "doing". Gratitude will pour in and cover your soul in healing and comfort.
Do not give up.
Our transformation is on its way. Our day of hope is coming at last.
So much effort is happening today on your behalf - at this very moment - for you - for your future. It is a whisper away now.
If I could gather you into a warm kitchen, hand you a plate of perfect turkey and dressing and a big slice of pumpkin pie, I would do it.
Please let the last thought that you have as you lay down tonight be one of gratitude.
Gratitude that you have been strong enough to withstand the test.
Gratitude that you have had these hard times to carve you into perfection.
Gratitude that this community and I and all those behind it appreciate you and care for your well-being.
You are not unnoticed though you may feel that way. You are simply in a cocoon of change, growing, evolving, becoming.
I am proud to know you. I wish I could shake your hand.
I wish I could show you the future and how great your coming blessings are.
I wish that you knew I was keenly aware of you.
Community. Something I have so rarely felt a part of. All types. Such diversity.
You are all pretty awesome.

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