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FrostyTheSnowman:     Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …
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Frank26: Please pray for our nation, and vote.

Isaiah 26:3 – You keep him in perfect peace … who’s mind is stayed on you, because he trust you.

God wants to trust you.  May he trust us as a nation.  Be at peace with what you need to do tomorrow (vote).  God bless you and become strong, because you are going to have to become even stronger after that.

This week is the NATIONAL WEEK of REPENTANCE. 

ewspapers … are telling us that the FBI (FBI Director Comie) tells us that the probe is over.  Interesting.  I saw Obama campaigning for Hillary.  I’ve never seen a President support any candidate.  Fascinating. 

Trump says that the whole election campaign is rigged.  Well … I won’t go that far.  I love my country.  Our love our system a lot more than other countries.  You are casting a vote … which become a percentage … which become an electoral vote for the Presidency.  Cast your vote. 

As of this morning the WSJ is showing the map of the US and saying that because the charges were dropped on Hillary, that she picked up more percentage points for a lead.  All I know is that God is my God, and I need to pay attention to more of what he says, not what man says.

I see that most of you’re in a positive and happy mood.  That’s great!

There is a movie out called Hacksaw Ridge – I STRONGLY advise you to go and see that movie (perhaps not suitable for children) – but take an adult with you.  See the story about a man who would not back-down due to his religious convictions. 

He was opposed to carrying a gun into battle (during WWII) and kill another human being.  The movie is very moving and powerful.  Please support this movie.  Based on a true story.

We have a young lady (Sherry P) who is asking for prayers.  Mother of two children.  She is missing, abducted … two daughters are left alone.  Please pray for this family.

*** Please listen to the replay about Frank/Tink’s experiences that lead them to guide/teach others about this investment.  Continue to pray for their safety. ***

Family, you have an amazing responsibility … and Happy 9th Anniversary KTFM / KTFAlways family.

So … let’s talk about this investment.

How do I talk to you tonight.  I know what I want to say … but in a SERIOUS ENVIRONMENT … the things that we know in our studies … is not something that we can share at this time.  We probably never will be able to share them.  Even on a Blue-Couch. 

Are we at the end of the road of the MR? 

I tried to tell you … that there is a Transitional Rate with the IQD.

Prior to that we had talked about the RI (Reinstatement) – which there are many steps inside of it, not just one.

All steps have to come to a conclusion … a closure. 

One of those steps is the take the IQD and to start using it Internationally … (Article 8) … with or without them telling you about it.

I told you where to look … ports …shipping lanes … and articles start to appear … 1, 2, 3 … then 4 … and now 5.  All coming from the CBI … all talking about lifting the 3 zeros.

This is why you can’t see what’s in our hearts (the RI) … so they hide it behind a fat-lady, and now “recapturing” the cities that they already captured.  WHAT???????  IMO – this is nothing more than a stall tactic … just like Hollywood scripts in movies.

If the CBI cannot show it on the CBI website … but there are so many shadows that show that they are doing something … this is all logical … but becomes illogical when the events start to REPEAT themselves.

So … what about the picture of Abadi holding up the flag?

MO – there are agencies with the authority to do private things with the government of Iraq – with their currency … at a rate that we cannot see.  Every bank in Iraq has the word INTERNATIONAL plastered on their lapel. 

These shadows are so HUGE!  The shadows of the MR in Iraq is because they are moving.
This is as far as we can take things as teams in our study.

But … I am going to take you a tiny-bit more … pointing to things. Ok?

Maliki retires.  He what?  He changes his tires!  Which one is it?  Maybe we made a deal with Maliki … and I wouldn’t be surprised … especially since we are dealing with Iran.

Maybe they should just give him an allowance … or a bonus.  What?  Or wait a minute … maybe they’ll increase his protection so that no one kills his *ss.  I think that would buy some time … wouldn’t it?  That’s a good idea.

Abadi is looking for conditions of CONFIDENCE for the MR.
I would like to tell you that the auctions of the CBI … IMO … have given Abadi some of the most pristine conditions of confidence then he has ever felt.

The UST has done a magnificent job in changing the CBI auctions.

The IMF made many mandates … didn’t they?  A lot of those were within the CBI … to fix the auctions … stop the abuse … the leaking out of funds into the corrupt ministers.  I believe in my heart that that has been accomplished.

The UST is policing everything with the CBI.

I am really pleased about that.

I am extremely pleased that they have set up a mandate with the CBI to stop the stealing of the funds that funded ISIS.

CONFIDENCE is amazing right now for Abadi! )

Mosul … “retake what we already took?”  That IMO is to buy more time.

We need to get the main hole plugged in the CBI auctions. (Maliki)  We need for him to “get lost.”  I believe that this guy is going to take the cowards way out.  He knows that the support he had is gone.  The support of terrorism is gone.  There is no way for him to steal anymore.  He knows that.  That hole is now plugged.  What will they do with M?

Add this … the CBI made a black-list of over 150 banks that CANNOT participate with the CBI’s activities.  We will lose NO MORE currency of any kind!

Oh yeah!  The condition of CONFIDENCE is what we wanted … and coordinated.

We will guard and protect BOTH currencies … as well as a NEW CURRENCY (lower denoms & coins) is being protected that will be introduced to the citizens.  IQD/USD … quick, get back to back … 1 to 1 … they can do that!   All IMO.

Obviously the control of oil … I even told you what their prices would be … dramatically cut … to cut off the funds of ISIS. 

Obviously capturing the city of Mosul …where the final banks were left … where they were stealing currency to fund their terrorism … is NO MORE!

Obviously the protection of the CBI auction to protect the American Dollar and the IQD is no longer available to any terrorist – anywhere! 

Obviously the removal and kicking Maliki out from the GOI … hum, hum, hum … is probably the last nail.

The system was forced to use the USD … but the system of Iraq is now being forced to use the IQD.  This is the goal of the 1st part of 2017.  I pray to God that you are listening.

Yes, we stopped the oil to stop the funding of ISIS … stopping the auctions … stopping Maliki … ALL BEFORE THE ELECTIONS!

IMO – they are using the program rate … blah, blah, blah … which you can’t see it … but if I take you a tiny bit past that …

Act accordingly says Dodd-Frank Act (USA) … … if you are willing … have the desire to understand that Frank’s opinion is that Article 8 is lifted … then please study the Dodd-Frank Act. 

Keep in mind, it is very long … written back in 2012 … talks about swapping of foreign currency derivatives  … contracts … agreements between countries … and IMO … they are out of Article 14 and into Article 8 … because of the “acceptance” of Article 8 – which is what they are hiding.

Now the IMPLEMENTATION … and I believe that the Dodd-Frank Act will teach you … IF … you are willing to learn.

We are studying at a different level.

All of this … because in IMO … the removal of the physical IQD’s … (paper currency from the street) … and the form of CONFIDENCE and stability/security of Mosul is fueling this.

All leaks had to stop for Abadi to maintain confidence.

The back-door had to be closed … shut hard … regardless of who’s fingers were in it.

I believe that this picture of Abadi holding a flag … is  CONFIDENCE in their MR.

The CBI auctions were the last of the back-door deals that were in the way.

Not that Mosul will bring you the MR … but the state of CONFIDENCE.

There will always be some form of terrorism in Iraq.

It was very clear to the UST and the IMF as to WHO was stealing … and they took care of it.

This process … IMO … security/stability in Mosul … that’s a good reason to have that flag there.

The 5th Article … take came out of a CBI source … says they are adding value to the IQD.
More and more articles will continue to surface.  We’ve been spot-on family.

The new rate in the 2017 budget … the new currency … (lower denoms/coins) … no more MCP (multi-currency-policy)  … they would be able ot pay their own bills … with their own IQD … with their own rate … not a program rate.

The benefit of deleting the 3 zeros is for the new rate.

Who cares if the articles are REPEATING themselves!  The point is … IT IS BEING DONE!

All punks/aids/managers/ministers/exchange traders/Iran … that were stealing within the CBI … 137 punks were arrested!  150 banks put on the black-list … they are done!!!  CBI auctions secured?  YES SIR!!!  HOORAH!!!! 

Maliki retired?  I don’t care.  But M … pay attention … M is one of the ministers!!!  A “condition” of CONFIDENCE!

You know what that can give you?

The ability to say that … “they’ve got 70% of Mosul” … and don’t necessarily worry about the other 30% … because the enemy is no longer allowed and the citizens will know that the REFORMS are coming.

That is what we all want sooo badly!  THIS YEAR!!!

So instead of Mosul … I’ll start saying … “give me the LD’s!”

The Kurds … all on board!  They love the HCL numbers … the census … and as you know … there are elections tomorrow in America.  Conditions of CONFIDENCE does not have to hide anymore.

The fat-lady of Mosul … is now known as “twiggy.”

The IMF and Iraq agreements are beautiful.

The fate of the November 7th meeting with the IMF … oops!  Never mind.

The world knows what Iraq is doing with the MR!

Allak shows up with many, many bank senior members.

The condition of confidence because of the Bonds being embarrassed in the Long-Line, naked … now has confidence.

The CBI is opening banks up all over the place … those are BIG shadows of the MR. 

Not only are they opening up REGIONALLY … but INTERNATIONALLY.

Certificates … that we talked about with Delta last week.

WalkingStick put out a few articles today … HE knows what he is doing.
The article that he posted … talked about the “Marshall Plan” – because it was successful with Kuwait.

Family … is this picture for real?

Is Abadi raising a flag over Mosul?

He is preparing all of his top commanders/military people to raise the flag at the center of Mosul.

This article (like the other 5 articles) are about lifting the value of their currency.

IMO – they busted the door down … and they actually did it a while ago!

Please vote tomorrow … and may I ask you to consider fasting to help clear your mind for tomorrow.

I know what I said 9 years ago about Hillary … so let’s see what happens Wednesday morning.

CC ended with prayer.


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