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FrostytheSnowman:   Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …
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Frank26: We’re going to give you three things tonight.

#1 - The articles

#2 – Mosul

#3 – News to tell you about Warka Bank

Team Chat on Friday got a sneak preview of this.

he last time we were together, we showed you an article.

On Friday, I did a video to explain to you what we had learned.

The three articles that were brought to you … it says that it was agreed upon to support the IQD … and it will recover!

Waymaker Kid brought it to you … Purifiers analyzed it … and Delta confirmed it was legit.
For the last 3 days, I have been wanting to tell you the following.

Is this article talking about the 2% compliance  (street market and CBI rate) … or is it talking about the exchange rate (program rate) that is worthless … that is going to increase now against the USD?  Which is it?

The answer:  In my opinion … it’s NOT one or the other.  It’s both!  OOOOOOOH MY GOD!!!  AND I PRAISE GOD!!! 

They are trying to kill two birds at one time … and that’s why the articles are so confusing.
The article doesn’t cover 2003.  It cover 2013 and above … and beyond.  WOW!

A collaboration for the media.

Delta double checked the article … it is legit.

o you know what a Rosetta Stone is family?

This was during the Napoleon Bonaparte’s days … when Napoleon entered Egypt.  Some of their soldiers took a canon and shot the nose off of a sphinx, and other soldiers that were scientifically oriented went about studying the remain of the Egyptian culture. 

They discovered a stone with three sides to it – called the Rosetta Stone.  One stone side was inscribed in Arabic, one side in Greek, and the third side in hieroglyphs.  Because they had the two sides, they were able to interpret the third side, because each side was a complete translation of each other. 

I am here to tell you, they are talking about the 2% compliance rate AND the exchange rate and tonight I’m going to give you a statement that will cement this in your mind.

IOO – the IMF has met very well with the Iraqi’s … and we kept telling you that.

Did they “leak” these articles “on purpose – with a purpose?”

Mind you … these articles are not for the world … they are for the citizens of Iraq.

Remember when Kuwait said they were not going to revalue their currency … and then they did?

Remember when China came out with a full-page ad and told the world they were not going to change their currency – and three days later -- they did?

The articles do not make an “announcement” that we translate into English … but Delta’s tells us the meaning is “VERY CONFIDENTIAL!”

What they are doing is for the Iraqi people … and to confuse us.

I believe it was Purifiers who said that he found more words that proclaimed this as “CLASSIFIED.”

I believe this to be very well plotted out … which is what we’ve been studying.

The IQD is going to go up in value. 

*** The CBI cannot control the market price rate … the street rate.  It has tried to control/maintain it forever … but it has been difficult for them to do. 

The CBI cannot control the street market rate!  Only an increase in the exchange rate can control the street market rate.

Give it some power … and they did.  1,300 … a slight PIP movement … which is a start.
The Arabic meaning is different than what it translates into English.

The citizens will be very proud of their currency soon.

Will they start at 10 cents?  20 cents?  I don’t know the rate or the date … we just have NEVER seen anything as confidential as this before.

The street rate needs the IQD to go up in value.

Delta will be with us on Wednesday.  He will talk to you about this on Wednesday.   It’s been almost 4 months since he’s talked to you.

A gradual increase in their currency is coming … the dropping of the 3 zeros.

On plan … on schedule … which is exactly what they told their banks … only the IQD at the beginning of 2017.

In my opinion … it will be around 1 to 1.

The USD is the only valuable currency over there right now … for now.

Take note, the IQD exchange rate may increase, but may take time for it to reach the international world, and I believe that is what we are going thru right now.

These are the finishing touches to the monetary reform … IMO … and Mosul is bringing the opportunity to do so … whether it’s under cover … above cover … it doesn’t matter.  The fat lady has gotten out of the way!

Yes, they have liquidity issues … yes they have too few dinars … and too many USD’s to use (right now) … but the UST (experts) control the CBI auctions … which will limit the USD’s … so no need to show the auction number anymore.

The free-float rate … will continue to increase … which I believe will be 1 to 1.

Gradual growth?  I don’t know what it will be.

Mosul is being liberated right before this conference call.

Let’s see if the CBI talks more between now and the 7th.

The CBI has to keep marching on with their reforms.

They actually said MONETARY POLICY … which contains the MR and the ER.

When will they show you proof?  I don’t know.

Mosul = S & S … (stability / security)

Trust me, they want it!

MR is marching into an international reform inside of Iraq … and a gradual increase will be non-visible.

It’s kind of brilliant in how they are doing it.  They are doing it … but confusing you.

They have a couple ways of going about it.

We study to see what it is they are eventually going to do.

Only the CBI and Delta’s teams can see (by the back office of the CBI website) what is truly going on.

We will update about the Monetary Policy as a whole.

As Delta finds more (in Arabic) … which he has by the way … (which most don’t know even where to look) … I am grateful to our Teams and to God for allowing us to study it.

A decision has been made … and the CBI knows … please pray for Delta and his teams.

10 cents?  85 cents?  1 to 1?  Slow growth?  Fast growth?  We don’t know yet.

A gradual increase … based on supply and demand.

Interpol knows where every penny that has been stolen … they know where it’s at.

It all goes back to the CBI by the way … before November.

Yes, they must keep moving.

The CBI and the IMF have agreed upon this movement.

I believe that it is 70-85% complete … and could be 100% in the blink of an eye.

I’d like to share a 2nd thing with you.  Mosul.  The fat-lady can move over now.  Maliki has about 9 lives, and he’s used about 50 of them so far. 

I’ve told you … we about a ½ a click from the CENTER of Mosul as of last Friday.  It’s horrible, sickening, bloody … worse than any Halloween you could imagine.  ISIS pulls in and out … which exposes them … which allows us to gather intel.

You do not get the dynamics of Mosul.

I wish to tell you … we are in the Western District of Mosul … to keep ISIS corralled … and now we are in the Southern end of Mosul.

We are taking the parameter … (districts, which can be just a few feet) … the districts have been taken (suburbs) … which leads into the villages … which allows us to corral ISIS.  The battle is going well … but we will not be in the center of Mosul until these flanks are shored up.  Perhaps they will, by the end of this CC.

Today … we are hitting ISIS on a scale like never seen before.  No mercy!

At 4:40pm EST today … Abadi pointed his finger at Baghdadi and told him to surrender. 

When does a military commander tell someone to surrender?  (When they have no choice).

The troops have completely surrounded Mosul.  Baghdadi has no chance.  All routes are closed. 

ISIS is using human shields … pray for the citizens of Iraq.  It is a bloody mess.
We’ve got some good snipers over there to hunt them down.

Abadi has declared today … Baghdadi, surrender!  You will see this soon.

When will we see the date/rate … will it depend on Mosul?

Things have to be set up --- and Mosul is the last place.

The banks are not ready yet.

The RI has to permeate Mosul now.

Mosul is known as the mother of all battle.

We believe that less than 1,000 Jihadist remain.

** Please don’t call Frank when doing CC -- It distracts/breaks his train of thought. **

They either DIE or SURRENDER … there is no other way.

raq will take their forces into the East and into the South and complete Mosul’s liberation.

The Western and South end are creating a “no option” squeeze-play.

You know who has secured the outskirts of Mosul, don’t you family?

The CENTER of Mosul is what matters now.

ISIS has left a lot of garbage … tunnels must be removed.

All banks have to be updated to electronic standards.  Does this make sense to you family?
Now the last part … and this comes from Delta.

You know that Delta’s team studies the CBI website and other banks within Iraq.

You know that Abadi is at the doorstep to the CENTER of Mosul … telling Baghdadi to surrender.

Barzani visited Abadi … to have a “better view.”

How many of you have accounts with Warka Bank?

How many times have you tried to go into your account, and have not succeeded?

How many in the last 2-3 weeks couldn’t communicate with Warka?

Last week we talked about the IBN and SWIFT CODE numbers … and we said that the Iraq banks now have these routing numbers so they can transfer money internationally.  If they lift the value of their currency … they can do that under Article 14.

Warka now has IBN routing numbers!  It has its own codes/routing numbers to do business internationally.  You can now see the USD and IQD!

The banks outside of Mosul are really prepared to go international … and Mosul has to be brought up to date.  Until then, this ugly battle must come to an end … and it will.

All banks now automatically know and understand Warka bank.  This is the ID for the international network family!

Those with accounts saw an announcement a few weeks ago that proclaimed their system was not secure.  That has now been removed.

Finally, Delta saw it today!!!

Three weeks ago, Delta could not get into his account … but now he can!


Once again … this CC is in my opinion.

Now Warka waits for the exchange rate to change … God willing before 2017.

Nov 7th – Dec 7th … final meetings with the IMF.

The IMF and Iraq will meet … probably just to tip their hat, handshake, etc.

Are we waiting for Mosul … Abadi … a flag to be planted?

Delta’s team saw the international banking routing codes today!

Oh my, look at the birds in the sky. 

Must be 2 for 1. 

Did you like your CC?

CC ended in prayer.

The Shofar blew 7 times … for a reason.
[Thanks Andy for your dedication and invitation to others, to turn to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior].

*** After the phone recording had stopped, Frank made the following comments … reading from his notes …

“Frank, we are now in deep Mosul as we speak.  Baghdadi says that the Caliphate is non-existent!” 

They are conceding.  They’re giving up.  Way to go Abadi!  

All of this happened during our CC.

This is what Delta wanted you to see.  (Frank held up his cell phone to show a picture that Delta sent him of his Warka account screen). 

HOORAH!!!   TA-DA!!!


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