Thursday, November 24, 2016

Excerpt From Mnt.Goat Update 11-23-16, 24 NOV

Excerpt From Mnt.Goat Update 11-23-16  : 
Mnt Goat   ...as we get closer and closer to the “early 2017” date we see more and more information coming out of the press on the progress that they are making.

The CBI even told us last week that they are now proceeding once again with the “project to delete the zeros”...this is exactly the news we must hear and await to hear.   Now we have it….WOW! 

I know for a FACT that within Iraq, the news channels talked about the CBI declaring that they have begun the “project to delete the zeros” once again.   I was told this too by my CBI contact over a year ago that this “project to delete the zeros” and its process and progress is what we should be concentrating on mostly. 

Iraq also needs to get the banking and financial reforms in place to support the project. So now we see them doing it and it is right on time

Is it time to get excited? Yes, Yes and YES!

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