Monday, November 7, 2016


DR.. CLARKE: "PTB".......how about, "Push The Button" ?

There are MANY Rates yet to be unleashed......but only ONE move to official "International Status".

It's about to get "REAL BUSY", more than ever before........during this Holiday Season.

Watch Syria........also, as China makes a big move.

(FYI - the information last Fri-Sat. we talked about ahead of time, was the Clinton email probe re-opened, just to be officially Closed again, Sunday(yesterday)......markets worldwide wildly fluctuate, including currency markets.)
Until ISIS is officially, publicly announced defeated in Iraq, and declared cleansed or mostly eliminated for the WORLD to hear & see - there will be NO International status declared or enacted.......however, the Rate can move substantially upward MANY TIMES, until the ISIS announcement & subsequent International Status declared, and thus put on the worldwide currency trade markets (FOREX).......which will come at the heels of Mosul's announced Victory & liberation. (Like we explained in detail, 2 posts ago (LINK to posts.))

.......that's just a FYI to then PTB and ACTION to fly into Motion.

Thought you might like a little extra "ENTERTAINMENT", on this crazy Monday and crazy next 7 Days........really really crazy, next 7 days.

Our Best,
Dr. Clarke

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