Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Q: [How does the deleting of the zeros affect out investment if we have all large bills?] 

BGG:   ...the "Deleting of the Zeros" program - IS THE PROCESS of raising the value and removing the large notes from the marketplace.  ...it is the "effect" you are looking for (BTW - this is that one instance "effect and affect" are ALMOST interchangeable.
Q: [Will we be able to cash in the large bills at the increased value?] 

BGG :   The "affect" on your investment (if you have these large bills) is you will experience this surge in value... in fact, any size bills will do...it is highly likely you will be able to exchange these bills at an increased value. Obviously - why we are all here. 

However, none of what I portray is any long stretch - they have written directly on these subject(s).

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