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MilitiaMan:  The race to the Big W? lol This is something that stands out to me over time.. I am not fully privy to your studies obviously, however, I do follow along with you for years now it seems and agree with you on many things. I believe the new" Digital Reality" will in fact unfold and probably be along the lines you describe and ones you are leaving let be now for sensitivity issues.

The thing I get from following along is that we will see more adjustments to currencies from here on out until the dust settles somewhat later next year. Some will go up and some are clearly headed south, as noted by the looney, the pound, euro, etc..  Parity with the latter two is underway, eos.

The recent dollar strength is short lived, just as, the recent decline in gold and silver prices are as well. I do believe that interest rates will be more market driven in the future and the timing of them (USFED) holding out as long as possible to increase them, is due to the debt servicing on 20+ trillion was not an affordable choice, yet.  

Now that there is reconciliation in the air of Iraq, laws in place, budget ready for the grand show, Mosul edited, lower denoms expected, etc.. It appears now the UST feels comfortable with what they hold in reserves to off set any pain associated with an increase in debt servicing cost for the USA debt to now be able to service the debt once the international rate of the IQD/IQN is issued internationally..

A rate change is coming to Iraq.

What it will change to is the multi million dollar question. If I read you and this board right, clues given from articles; an increase in the Iraq exchange rate is inevitable and that could start this year and it could be even more profound later on toward the end of the first quarter of 2017.

Thus, caution is in order at present with a rate change of any size. We have been told that if the scenario is a 1:1 start we should all have plenty of time to pay close attention to things. As I for one will be retired out the gate, as I know it now anyway, and I will be with plenty of free time to study and learn even more. Thanks Doc!


BTW, For those that may or may not know. That latest rally in gold from $1,050 oz to about $1,368 oz, and since it has slid back to present $1,200 +-, gold got that rally (imo) from an increase in a so called interest rate hike of "up to .25%" (lip service).

My point is that when real interest rates rise, the dollar will fall and gold will explode up to new all time highs over the next 1-2 years. Gold put in a double bottom in and around 1999 and 2001. Bull and bear markets run in 17 year or 34 year cycles respectfully. We are right on schedule for a massive run up for gold and a let down in the dollar! imo With a signficant ROI on our investment, it may be prudent to pay attention to the correlations. imo


(Use max chart in the link above and notice that the lower long term trend line (estimate) at $1,050 real close has not been breached. That flag pattern we see is oh so very telling! A five year consolidation is in and when the next move gets it's full force, $2,000 oz is nothing imo..)

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