Saturday, November 19, 2016

Anonymous: "Payouts won't be Noticed" - 10:07:00 AM , 19 NOV

Anonymous:  "Payouts won't be Noticed" - 10:07:00 AM 

It is said that the RV won't happen until after the Event but without their clarification

I believe they are talking about the helicopter drop of millions of dollars to everyone on earth which at this time would be a disaster.

Millions of people win lottery, casino, sweepstake and heck even bingo jackpots everyday and the world hardly notices.

A  quiet nda redemption payout could happen for us before the Event which would allow us to start our humanitarian projects to do wonderful work for the suffering and the planet and guess what the world would hardly notice.

The majority of the world would carry on going to work, following social media, watching tv and generally not caring about anything else while we could get started making a real difference.

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