Sunday, November 13, 2016


Anonymous:   A lot of good changes in the RV and redemption strategy ... specifics cannot be revealed yet...

What's going on?
There is a massive amount of coordinated effort as they have pulled together an entire world-wide implementation.  Had a hard time believing that such a change was coming?  Well, you will know it soon without any doubt.

What's going on?

Everything that has been in the way is no longer in the way.  I do believe that this will run through quite smoothly.
Subtly, the Republic will be announced as restored... and life will continue in this transitionary period as historic. New America, here we come!  New global experience, on the way!
It is for this reason that the release of the Tier 4 - 800 numbers is so critical to getting the desired processing flow of exchanges and Historic Asset redemptions...

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