Friday, November 25, 2016

9-Ball- I JUST GOT THIS FROM A FRIEND--------"My Contact is Headed to Reno", 25 NOV

9-Ball- I JUST GOT THIS FROM A FRIEND--------"My Contact is Headed to Reno"

"My Contact is Headed to Reno" - Guest Post by Jt

12:40 PM EST on November 24, 2016
So there is a gentleman that goes to my church who is in one of the subgroups set to payout in Reno. He keeps me updated from time to time. A member of his group has been living in a hotel in Reno for over a year and keeps everyone at home on alert.

This morning he called me and said he got "The Call" and he is leaving on a flight to Reno tonight. He said they would be trading the Zim first beginning Saturday and they would be trading the dinar as well. Makes me think we could be in the banks sometime next week.

 I am super excited and wanted to share with the community. Thank you Patrick for all you do for us! Happy Thanksgiving to all. We are finally here!!!!

9-Ball:  I assumed the person who has been living in Reno has exchanged and this guy will exchange saturday. Maybe I am wrong to assume that. Oh well, if he exchanges saturday that is still great news

Dinera:  I took it that The one mans contact got "the call" and will be trading zim on Sat. and the man from church is getting a flight to Reno. The other man is already there. I'm hoping they both exchange on Saturday and We are Next Week. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

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