Sunday, October 16, 2016



Kermit53:  My contact stated that Friday the 14 th was a trigger date... but I'm not 100% clear on what that meant. Is it related to the SwissIndo announcement?????????  LINK 

Kermit53:  I know monies have moved to Paymasters with appointments set to release liquid funds to a number of parties such as Historical Bonds, Boxes (H Bonds) and currencies….. no way this can wait until 2017 based on what I know.... this is the month

Sleekrose : Kermit53, Is that knowledge first hand knowledge.......

Kermit53:  Yes.... I only believe my own intel BTW

CityCoyote:  Kermit, do you know what all that SwissIndo video means, i see it says that there is not more debt as of right now, this night all over the world, can that be possible and if so, HOW and why hasn't anyone notified the WE THE PEOPLE of this world??

Kermit53: Post announcement possibly….Legally 72 hours post announcement and then goes into effect... applies to Indonisea first BTW

CityCoyote: could it be that contracts are OFFICIAL after that time period..?? The three day Contract Clause??, that is 72 hours...??

Kittndog: It says post event on the 17th Adventorial and arrange news and media

Kermit53:  My understanding is that this is a template for other countries to follow (let it go viral). If it works in Indonisae then it will be copied everywhere else.

Kermit53:  it's a major process which was triggered on the 14 th from what I've been told

CityCoyote:  if this is "for real" this is HUGE or as Donald would say YUGE... it would be sort of like a Budgetary Clean Slate for the world

Kermit53:  Could be flushing out with the fiat system to the new asset backed system alarm bell?


Ardent:  You can tell the waiting is really, really getting to us. Our sense of RV humor is showing....funny posts....and posts that are extreme from some providers who said it was right around the corner and who are now saying next year.

The whole thing is getting silly.....like we've gotten slap happy because we are so, so tired of the wait, the confusion, the misinfo.

Hello family, hang tight and by all means laugh. It is what will get us through this thingy.

Namaste   Ardent

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