Sunday, October 30, 2016



Reignofheaven:  I am personally of the opinion that zim is going to work far differently than the rest of the basket. Since it's not a currency I don't see how the banks are obligated to exchange it or abide by certain rules. In other words if you have 1000 100t notes they might require you to keep a large portion of it in the bank is order tonprocess you. The zim isn't on the open market so the ball is in their court.

CalGoldy2: I wonder what AdminBill means that....to him it is TOO early for the internet group? Link
ReignofHeaven:  CAL because the timelines was before the election. If you take that right to the wire, and take the old timeline of about 3 days to get all of us first responders through, that would mean we can expect to go around the 5th. We're still a ways out from that….. That's my personal opinion btw, Bill didn't say that.

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