Monday, October 10, 2016


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Just a thought tonight. I am so eager for NESARA and the GCR that it just really gets under my skin when I am anticipating it and it doesn't happen. So many nights I have spent up watching and waiting.

Tonight was like that.

As I sit contemplating life the last few years, it is easy to recall the deep trust that I have in the people behind the scenes, those at the top, in creating this exciting, massive event.
These people are smart. Very smart. I used to own a custom software company. There were a lot of top notch people on my team. The best of them does not compare to the worst on the team that created CIPS and the satellite security system it utilizes. BOC programmers are the best in the world.

Think about it. They have been able to create a global software system that handles every single bank, every single transfer, every security exchange, every country, every person that wants access in the entire world. It is swapping out for our old system en masse and all at once. Sounds a bit difficult, doesn't it? Oh, and let's make the average length of time for a transaction under 25 seconds. Beyond comprehension.
Then think of the vast variety of politics required in coordinating such a change. Remarkable that it could even ever be completed.
Think of 7,000 exchange centers manned and ready, bank presidents trained, staff prepared.
Think of the IMF requirements, Basel III and beyond, the BIS review and analysis and determined value of all historical bonds and boxes in total.
Think of the quick recovery when the main system was compromised a few weeks back. A complete duplicate was loaded and ready to go in about three days. Tremendous capability.
Think of the White Hats, so dedicated to the cause, so behind the scenes handling the messy power plays, the real hard work.
Think of the ability to coordinate, communicate, uncomplicate and create.
That's what I do when it is in a different sequence than I would like.
Everything is "hot" behind the scenes where they keep it quiet. Watch for the 800 registration number between tonight and tomorrow night with appointments to follow. That is what I am being told tonight. We should see the first Tier 3 releases for use on Tuesday.
I'll keep you informed from behind the scenes as I can. It's quiet tonight but there is always a lot happening in the background.
Tonight, just know that you have company in your eagerness.
Eager to get to work! Eager to start helping!

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