Thursday, October 27, 2016


RE:  KTFA Thoughts Thursday AM
Lillypad:  Delta confirmed that this article was sent by the CBI. He is waiting for the official announcement.

Willoninny:  Lilypad...that news article would suggest somewhat of an announcement RV, doesnt it?????!!

Lilypad:  Willoninny--the article is basically the CBI talking to the Iraqi citizens--the RV occurs outside of the country of Iraq.--The first article we saw was a leak from someone in the CBI. This same article has now been found in a second paper in Iraq. The article tells us that the CBI is actually beginning to raise the exchange rate in country.

Lilypad:  Willowninny--the article is in past tense.==telling us already done--the article is also telling the Iraqi Citizens there will be more movement 'in the coming days'. We still are waiting for and announcement of international status although we see evidence thru articles that they are doing business internationally commercially. We should se a formal announcement of the lifting of Article 8.

Willoninny:  any expected timeline lily?

Lilypad:  It is my opinion and my opinion only that when we see Abadi flying the Iraqi flag over the center of the Mosul, that will be the trigger and we will see completion of the monitary reforms

OkRocks:  Al Sumaria TV reports. "The members of the self-defense forces have broke into Daesh headquarters in the western part of Mosul. This is the one of the largest Daesh HQ’s in the city. They raised the Iraqi flag over the building,"

Lilypad:  Our banks are on stand by mode and have had to be on stand bye mode for a very LONG time because only the PTB know when the word "GO" will be given to Abadi. Banks in the US HAVE to keep their employees in the dark until the timing is correct. Just think how many dinarians are having contact with the employees….. All of this in my opinion only

OldCrow:  wonder what the term "standby" really means for a bank. Does it means they have just turned their existing phones on? Any real people brought in to a call center? If so, how can they afford to do this for over a year??

Lilypad:  Old Crow--their are call centers all over the US. The call centers work for many companies. All in my opinion…..The banks can plug into these existing call centers plus some already have them set up for just their banks for other banking services.


Elmerf123456: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201610271046788821-iraq-mosul-key-d​aesh-facility/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Sugarbaybee2:  Deutsche Bank reports profit despite 'tough' environment

Tizzy:  Little known fact I learned years ago. Companies that seem to be floundering with their own products are still showing a profit because they trade on the Forex market in the currency spreads. When I learned about it was when the auto industry was hitting bottom but still showing quarterly profits

Harambe:  Reuters: Iraq lures investors to boost its oil output as OPEC debates cuts http://reut.rs/2eR9SYA

Harambe:  Reuters: Iraqi army tries to reach site of Islamic State executions south of Mosul http://reut.rs/2fizQJ5

Chatter: https://search4dinar.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/iraqi-self-defense-force​s-take-control-over-key-daesh-facility-in-mosul/ The members of the self-defense forces have broke into Daesh headq​uarters in the western part of Mosul. This is the one of the largest D​aesh HQ’s in the city. They raised the Iraqi flag over the building,​" the source in the self-defense forces told Al Aumaria TV Channe​l.

SassyD:  Deutsche Bank Said to Review Valuations of Inflation Swaps -- October ​26, 2016 -- Deutsche Bank AG is reviewing whether it misstated the val​ue of derivatives in its interest-rate trading business, and is sharin​g its findings with U.S. authorities, according to people with knowled​ge of the situation. -- http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-10-26/deutsche-bank-said-t​o-review-its-valuations-of-inflation-swaps

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