Saturday, October 15, 2016



Yada:  Fact is people are being entertained with crap from other sites and missing the picture that is painted here,,because we are not seeing it, the other sites say practically anything and people believe them without question but question Rays sources,,

How many times were the Chinese have gone asset backed and still aren't,,,,now many time have they said the new government is in place,,and it isnt,,how many time is there always a new system replacing the former one and they hadn't,,,biggest misconceptions is the CIPS replacing the SWIFT when the CIPS is China access to the SWIFT,,

And the biggest of all things is the number of changes to take place without the general public not being informed,,,,that is the true asset test

Rays people affirmed that the IMF exc received the affirmation report confirming that Iraq has met all standards and ready to go,,the phils and lower denoms are in the banks for release and the UN already acknowledged Iraq to go and release their currency internationally,,,,and it is being released

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