Saturday, October 15, 2016


TNT: (Late Friday Night)

Yada:  I still dont think the release is waiting for Mosul,,Mosul is business they are taking care of but the RV is released already and filling every level above us,,,phils and low denoms about to be seen on the streets and the UN and IMF are a go to get it done,,

If you listen to Rays info from his sources,,they have been more right than wrong,,the timing has been a mystery to us but considering the progress,,,we are there,,why? What the UN said to do 2 weeks ago and now the report that was sent to the IMF excs that Iraq met all requirements and ready to go,,,

Debritt:  If it was correct that when this project of the rv of the Iraqi dinar was passed on to this new Administration, they added a few more countries into the mix, which changed the whole scenario, then I feel The President won't leave office without effecting it…. That's my take, but time will tell all

Hawkman:  Gary from PTR just reported Dr.Todd saying "his people' are saying any moment now, all is done. Frank26 went on Red alert Wednesday night…. I realize its not proof, but still Dan on PTR is saying he believes before the election..as so Frank is saying also... I like to hear about Dr.Todd as his level is quite a bit higher and says all is done

SassyD:  German Government Has Ruled Out Taking Stake in Deutsche Bank... Offic​ials told lawmakers last week state support for lender was ‘inconcei​vable’ -- Oct 14,2016 --http://www.wsj.com/articles/german-government-has-ruled-out-state-help​-for-deutsche-bank-1476459873

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