Tuesday, October 11, 2016



Ecubucs: Continue to keep your heads up (as hard as that may be from day to day!) There is So Much going on behind the scenes that are not being shown to the masses... But rest asured everyone, the process is moving and swiftly..

News is slow but continuing to hear much movement is happening... Just be Ready because the time IS coming near! None of us know WHEN but many signs from different sources are really looking for this to come to surface... It really looks like this is Very Fluid. Could it change? You bet but so much financially is getting worse all around the world and THIS Must Happen to counter that!

Yada:  Agreed ecubucs,,,we are there,,,,,,,,,,,,,now it has become faith factor for all those who read your post,,either you ready or still wondering,,,,

Ecubucs:  Thanks yada, I'm no different than any one else in here.... Yes, after 6 years I too would be thinking we've all heard it before and WE HAVE! I'm simply Blessed with some Strong contacts (part of which Rayren are prvy to as well") I'm just of the belief that this is different now and that the world is at it's END when it comes to economics and that this MUST HAPPEN and SOON....

Ecubucs:  Remember, just two weeks ago the UN told the world that Iraq is Sovereign and that ALL sanctions have be released from them and to REVALUE Their Currency!!! That Was HUGE!!!!

Yada:  agreed ecubucs,,,probably from that point, the release from top to bottom began,,,,,,,considering that,,when Ray said it was done,,,that could of been the reference point

Ecubucs:  Dead On Logic yada! This is a SLOW RELEASE and it IS in the process! There is just NO Way of us knowing how long but it IS Moving from what sources are saying!

Yada:  ecubucs,,remember last week Rays people confirmed that the Kurds received their first payment,,,just after the UN meeting?   The significance of that to us is the rate would of been included

Rock1941:  ecubucs, could it be they don't want this kind of money in the hands of so many before the election for fear of a change in outcome, just a thought!!

Yada:  rock1941,,,I will take that question,,,,,thr RV has nothing to do with our elections,,,have to see this as already released and filling all the cracks and crevices before it reached the bottom,,us

Luvwulfs:  Rock I'm under the impression it's a super slow rollout so they control the $$$ injection into the economy. Like Tony said long time ago, too much too fast is not good.

Ecubucs:  rock1941 that's a Real possibility!!! That would make sense for sure! But the world economy is literally CRASHING NOW and there is a true struggle taking place... Nevertheless, monies and funding of the nations ARE Taking Place!!!

Yada: that is the bottom line ecubucs,,,Monies and funding of the nations ARE taking place,,
Ecubucs:  Yes Sir.... That Is Happening and WE ARE LAST.... Understandable.... Hate it but it was NEVER about you and me!

Yada: ecubucs,,us getting paid last would be the same as we were the last layer added to the process and the first one to let loose after it is done,,,

Rock1941:  ecubucs, the problem is these people are know to cut their noses off to spite their faces, losing power is not easy pill to swallow, jmo

Ecubucs:  rock1941 BINGO and now we know why this is taking SO LONG to complete!!!! Fighting amongst the REAL Wealth of the World!!! The Old Guard verses the New Guard! Iraq is simply one of the tools being used to make this happen! A Big Part though! An Economic TSumanni is taking place and crashing down on the world Right Now IMO...

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