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Bruce:  Welcome everybody to the Big Call.  All time listeners welcome back week after week.  Also welcome new people as well for the first time. I am looking forward to tonight’s call. Welcome 120 people that requested call numbers in the financial world.
Bruce:  In Iraq a lot has happened the last five days. We highly are expectant any moment. We thought we would have something happen over the weekend. We are looking forward to the toll free number to set appointments and go in. What I understand say we happen to get this 800 number, when you would call the soonest you go in would be hour and half after you call in the 800 number to set your appointment.
During that time they are looking into who you are according to know your customer rules. That is something we will be going through. They will find out form you a little bit about you so you could go from there.

Bruce:  That is one thing sort of new to us. Other thing is you could take 45 minutes to an hour expectant time for your initial exchange appointment.  We might be an hour and ten minutes to do the initial appointment. That initial appointment to get you primarily exchanged skeleton trust initially, and after that you can go back and do follow up things on your second appointment what could be 2 days to 6 to 7 days later.
Most of you would probably come back to second meeting with wealth management, with Abbott Downing.   Initial appointment to get your currency exchanged, set you your accounts with Wells Fargo. Then you do the very basics: get  a temporary debit card to use given to you at time of exchange, get a bundle of cash if you choose to I think $10,000 bundle, bank wire to fund maybe existing account or cashier check.
 Have information ready to go to do both of those. Other things with Abbott Downing you can do such as a family office, setting up further trusts, LLC, and foundations would go in your second appointment. Concerning perks, you might get a sheet of perks one or two pages of perks or benefits.  You could take that sheet home and ponder over and let them know what you are interested in. 
Bruce:  You want to take the NDA seriously. Some might be 3 pages; some might be as long as 8 pages depending on your investment side.
Bruce:  Do not take your phone in. There may be some exceptions. No recording devices, no cameras at time of redemption. We could live without our phones for that hour. Leave phone in car. If carrying a piece, leave that in the car as well whether you have a permit or not. Do not take it in the bank or redemption center.
Iraq, as far as we know has been completed everything except in process passing the 2017 Budget. They are voting on that tomorrow. They are 7 hours ahead on the east coast. Maybe voting on that as we sleep tonight. If they pass that, the new in country rate for Iraq should be in the budget. Does it have to pass so we can be notified the toll free number, I don’t know.
Something to consider, the 2017 budget for Iraq. Everything else is complete. We are in process of regaining in Iraq Mosul back from ISIS. We understand we have it back or about to continue to take it back. The President has spoken of the subject today. That is going on.
I also know 6 out of 7 banks out of Mosul were up and running yesterday, able to be online and good to go from what I understood yesterday. One bank wasn’t in shape to come on line due to the bombing. That one bank probably needs to be rebuilt before it comes online. Whether that is ongoing thing or not, I know that is something we all hope happens very quickly, expeditiously. Want all factions to stop fighting. All want peaceful over there and lives to return to normalcy. There and in Syria. The forces able to put arms down and walk out of Syria without repucutions. Pray they can do that.
Bruce:  As you know while back, since the Paris Agreement was passed and implemented, we think we are noticing the BRICS had a meeting yesterday.  During that meeting they were adjusting rates of the ZIM and possibly other currencies as well.
We did hear increases of rates in the first basket. 3 rates: 1st Rate:  Market rates or bank rates which is the lowest rate. 2nd Rate:   Contract rate. Could be higher or lower for people already in a contraction agreement say as part of a group already.  3rd Rate: Private Negotiable Rate or PNR. Banks asked us not to use the term Sovereign rates. That term used for countries not us. Privately Negotiable Rate based on your ability to perform in a humanitarian way a good number of projects to put together. Jobs, increasing employment opportunity for people.
These are the things what they want to see from us in terms of longevity not only in this country but also internationally.  They not interested in huge business plan. Not want to see that. I will tell them I have it, but not bring it. All they want one or two =page summary or bullet point, nice outline I see what you plan on doing now tell me about it.
That is where you are on, you will discuss the people there what you intend to do. A little one minute interview what you are planning and have copy of bullet point outline, leave a copy with them to look over after you discuss or before if they request it. I am looking forwards to that point. That is when you will negotiate your rate based on what you wish to accomplish. Be thinking bigger than what you have been.
 If you think doing something in one community, then think what that would be like in 100 communities. Example: A Food bank in one community then think of the Food bank times 100. Need hire people to do that. If thinking small think big or go home as they say. Otherwise that is we are looking for high rates, 4 figures. There are high rates for the other currencies also. Banks job to put out rates. I don’t want to put something out too low or too high. Look online for stuff that is already out there and see what is out there and be prepared to think big when you go in for your appointment.
Bruce:  Thank you to everybody who is putting this whole program for us form the lead bank of WF, HSCBC, People Bank of China, TD Bank, Scotia Bank, RBC, and secondary banks in this country such as 5th Third Bank and SunTrust Bank. Also Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America. .
I want to say as you remember a lot of our listeners out of the US not sure where to exchange with their currency in their country. HSBC international Moca Pocia Bank in the South and Central America, Scotia Bank in the Caribbean. Banamex Bank in Mexico doing exchanges from what I understand. There is ANZ Bank in Australia and New Zealand. You will want to check with the larger international bank if outside of the United States. In the US and Canada,  the 7000 redemption centers put by Well Fargo and Abbott Downing  who is working with them.
Thank you to the people behind the scenes doing the positive things to strengthen our country government to bring us back to the constitutional republic. We know ultimately we will all be better off as a country as results of this. People involved in the clean up that goes on form place to place as corruption is dealt with and eliminated.
Bruce: We know out west a lot is going on. Anything you can bring to us that I haven’t talked about without putting us in a tough position?
Tank:  Going to talk about things that are very public. You are members of the Republic of the US of America.  The constitution has been reinstated full force. Although not a popular idea, there has been an operating government that has not been in line. Now very public and very accurate.
Check on Paul Ryan's website to see this. Paul Ryan made statements we are going to do away with the 4 arm of the government who write the laws, institute the laws and enforce the laws.  There are only supposed to be 3 arms of government what is the 4th arm of the government. The 4th arm so powerful they rewrite the laws?  Congress writes and institutes the laws. Who is this 4th arm that institutes and force the laws? Isn’t that the judiciary part of the government?  Constitution government suppose to be a Republic.  Just consider how many execute orders come through to make laws. Consider perhaps reality is if the Speaker of the house representative took the seat with unanimously of Congress. That is the reality. That happened. Why did it happen?  That is part of the redemption of the Republic of the United States of America.
Bruce:  That is far as we need to take it right now. To relate that to where we are looking for a toll free number. Things are occurring in very broad strokes. Movement of funds, talking about global collateral accounts, global matrix accounts, large amounts in the quadrillions, to hydrate our exchanges, our treasury, set up for the ability to wipe out world debt.
 I believe we can say they have come from the INDO declaration; this is something we haven’t gone into in great debt. Talked about the year of Jubilee, Pope's visit, quite about to that in terms we understand that debts between countries have been forgiven as part of the Paris Agreement?
Tank: Yes, it is part of the Paris Agreement
Bruce: Then we have the INDO declaration
Tank:  The INDO declaration is was an announcement of the global currency reset and put out on the INDO site form Indonesia. You can go on the site and see some impressive documents they made public free humanity form the slave of debt. It is worthy of your time to look at it. It is big deal because it set up the recession. It is international law 72hours they have to wait.  Then they can initiate the conditions of that contract. That is where we are at. It blacked out the US for that announcement.
Bruce:  We had a number of blog sites taken down for a while then they came back up. That is where we are in that 71 hour time frame that is something part of international law. Good news is 72 hours is almost up.  When that period is up we should be able to go forward with the release of Tier 4. 
Bruce:  We use to be in Tier 4.  Then we thought we were in Tier 3. Then we find that they moved out of tier 3 into tier 4. Tier 3 has been completed; bond transactions, some SKR. I believe it is coming up where it is our turn. That is good news.
Other thing is that we understand everything to get to this point has been accomplished out west. Everything is moving along beautifully in participation from the East, our friends from the East, and people in charge of releasing this to the groups. I understand that is moving along nicely too. We are not too far for what we are waiting for. Yes maybe another thing here and there like the 72 hour.
Tank:  I think these 800 numbers are symbolic. They are toll free. I think that is what we are looking for to be free of this process. Intel aside, we get Intel that says it is going to be today. I don’t even expect it to be today. When we have been told that so many times. In my heart of hearts, I truly believe we are finally at the point where we are going to be able to go in. I believe we are in 24 to 48 hours and I have good reason to believe that.
Bruce: I felt the same way. That is why we have done our very best not to call it. Because we have been so close so many times. We know the Intel can change, situation can change. We are getting very positive feedback where we want to be at this time. Not calling it. Tank is not calling it. We have approximately to it to be very close where we want to be. Thank you, Tank.
Bruce:  Robert is here now. Do you have anything to share with us tonight?
Robert: Tank and you have put it exactly as it us. I agree with my heart of hearts we can’t be any closer. We are in the moment for sure. Even with what I have gotten during the call. We are in the moment.

Bruce:  I have heard any moment even tonight. With what Iraq wants to get done with their budget don’t know if that needs before we go.
Robert: There are things that have happened last 48 hours that have seen things never seen before.
Bruce: Yes as the 72 hours window which is coming to a close on that. We have seen rates adjustments going up. Seen a lot of funding in multiple quadrillions dollar.
Robert:  Seen celebrations
Bruce: Restorations of different branches of our government. Things are moving along nicely. Thanking all who have made these changes for us
Robert:  If you are still in this fight, you are in this fight for a reason. You are in this because you have been chosen. Bruce, we have seen a lot of people come and go.
Bruce:  Yes, people have come and gone on the blog sites and on calls. Some have passed away, some have lost interest. I understand that. I felt our calling is to be here, to be consistent to inform and strengthen the community with any truth we can gleam from our sources.  It is really fun. I look at it this is a calling.  I do feel we have been chosen for this.

I am feeling honored to be called a CO, chosen ones, called by Wells Fargo. If we are chosen to get the 800 numbers we will put that out and make it available for our listeners with any instructions that come with that if they choose to use us we be happy to do that. Thank you, Robert.
Bruce:  Thank you everybody for listening in. Send an email if you are out of the United States internationally. I am interested in that.  Thank you Sue, Bob, Robert, Pastor Steven, and Tank.  Beware we will have a phone number change probably in a couple of weeks. I will post them on our website whenever we make the switch over.  Just check the website: thebigcall.net for any new information as a new link to listen online instead of just on the phone.

Thank you Big Call audience. All have a good night.

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