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Bruce:  We had a real good call Thursday. We had a lot of things we talked about. Here we are not yet ready to exchange. We are ready to exchange, but just don’t have the 800 number yet. Let us see what happens on the call.

Bruce:  Welcome everybody to the Big Call. Thank you for coming on. We had little over 7500 some on our Big Call Thursday.  Grab a piece a paper and pen. We have a free conference call number change fairly soon. I will let you know what that number will come into effect. It won’t be by Thursday.

We will post the number on our web site: thebigcall.net.  My plan is to start with a new number and a new online link service. The new number:  Participation number for Q and A:  712-770-4013   2nd number giving you allows 10,000 listeners:   712-770-4014.  Play back number:  712-770-4016.  

he number is not going change on the next call. Intention is to change the numbers when it is time to take couple weeks off to handle the exchange process. When you are notified by a call or on the website it will be good to go. Until further notice use existing numbers as you used tonight.

Bruce:  Intel the last couple of days have been very light. Not totally dark, but very quiet out there. We did get some good Intel the last couple of days. Some of it is unfortunately can’t talk about. some a little too specific. 

The one thing I am very aware of is it suppose to have gone even from what I understand last night. There were a few things that came up that stopped it. I’m not sure completely why, but understanding what happened. Just be prepared for anytime now. I heard the next day or so including tonight. We can look forward to when that does occur.

Bruce:  AS far as what I am hearing specifically we have a very high percentage change it can go tonight and for tomorrow.

We do expect some form of official announcement the world being on the gold standard; the gold being the bases for around the world hence the currency gold reset. We believe this announcement would come the IMF, from Christina, Lagarde, and one from our President at the same time or following it up.

We had a large meeting of the IMF and World Bank group from 0ctober 3 and completed on October 9th.   It was decided a go time.  Then we wounded up having a major hurricane that slowed down the release of the 800 number and go signal for us. Now we are sort of waiting on an all clear signal. With that clear signal we are good to start.

A lot of the coastal communities in S. Caroline, N. Carolina, Virginia, and Florida were greatly affected. All the redemption centers in Florida were ready to go yesterday. Others on the coast in the process, some, a few not ready. I believe Virginia is good to go. They want to try to make sure everybody was up and running and able to take advantage of their local redemption center.

The all clear signal should be given tonight or tomorrow morning.

Bruce: There was a series of very important meeting last night. Emergency meeting I would call it due to the time it took place. It proved very positive results for us, necessary to take place.   Result for the need for this to go through.  Another meeting today, maybe not as vital as last night, but effect getting us the result we are looking for.

Bruce:  The start or implementation of what was discussed last night and today should give us the start we need possibly as early as tomorrow afternoon. Fresh uncut information trying to put out in a smooth way.   I can’t give you much more definition than that where we are.

Some exchanges been done the last few days even since the hurricane. We believe this is just a way to get a few, or hundreds go through.  We believe our turn is around the corner.

Bruce:  Prosperity packages intention were to go out wee hours of the morning last night. My feeling on that is probably would come out with everything else. I was given a specific time last night but did not hear confirmation on that. We just believe part of the shot gun start.

Bruce:  Really guys the Intel portion of the call it is right here. I have been given 4 specific time frames. All very proximate.  We are overdue. Blessing nigh upon us. We are ready for it and they are ready for us, speaking of the banks and redemption centers
Bruce:  Shot gun start. People were concerned about the length of time we had to set appointments. My understanding is that it may have been relaxed.   They want appointments set in the first 48 hours. Set our appointments right away. There is more flexibility after you set your appointment.   They got you coded and follow you for the appointment itself.  

No reason why any of us would wait. Go in as soon as we can to set our appointment and go in unless we had an emergency, hospital, death in the family.

Bruce:  I believe we are going to take advantage of the toll free number. We would put it out if we are privilege to receive the number and on put it on our page, thebigcall.net.   We may not be able to have it more than a couple of days or put it out on a call. If we do get it before this call is over tonight, we would put it out. We would put it on diner recaps, dinar chronicles and other sites you guys go to.

Bruce:  We heard the rates may have made a move upward in the middle of the night.  Don’t have it confirmed. The rates are so good don’t know why we are concern with that.   Rates are privately negotionable. The ZIM, if you have the strong humanitarian project and good presentation, and professional matter, you could see the rate into 4 figures.

Bruce:  Now depends on you, how well you are prepared, how strong you are as a presenter. Keep that in mind if you haven’t fine tuned your information.  L would go over it, role play, practice until you comfortable with the information. Don’t have to read it, but let it come from your heart, be honest don’t come up with anything not real or not you.

You will be able to negotiate some incredible rates. Plenty with that currency and other currency to do what we want to do to change the world. We are in a great place. We just need it to go. I thought we would be there last night.

Something occurred, and prompt this meeting in the middle of night. Hopefully what was achieved last night and today will manifest this. 

You know how to be professional. Initial meeting no longer than  45 minutes to an hour.  Get in and get out and set up your second meeting.  The second meeting would be the banks perks, additional trusts, etc. You want to get in, get exchange done.

You will have a so called temporary prepaid visa card, and get your permanent card in the mail.  Set up one or two accounts get one or two cashier checks.  I wouldn’t go for more than one or two, bank wire, one or two. Have bank wire information ready when you go in. I plan on doing one. 

Have the ABA routing number, account number which is on your check if you use that checking account. Otherwise ask bank for wiring coordances. For bank wires, have it written down or typed out.  You don’t want to make mistakes on wire coordinates. Have it clear enough so someone doing it can enter the coordinates. Some of these things can be handle it at the second appointment.  

They want to get us in and out. ZIM holders will be at the front of the line. Tell them you have ZIM as first currency whether you have one note or 1000 notes. They will bring you in as soon as possible. Give the zip code you want to exchange in. 

The rest is replay performance we have talked about. 45 minutes to an hour they want us in and out. A simple transaction.  Additional things you can handle at your follow up appointment. That is where we are as far as Intel.

Tank:  I can confirm everything you have said. Other things I know but I can’t reveal it on this call.

Sue:  One to ten, how good are those things you know?

Tank:  An 8. Things I hearing is definitely a ten.

Bruce:  The things I can’t spell out specifically I call it a ten also. We are both hearing the same things, Tank and I.  We are looking very solidly for any moment now.   Thank all for listening. Thank all the bank people, international people as in Latin America, South Africa, etc. I just thank you people being consistent listening to the Big Call.

Bruce:  Looking forward to making changes not only in the inner cities, but all around the world. New schools, new energy, water, filtered water, etc. I want to wish everybody the most beautiful time of this exchange. a time of happiness, enjoyment to you. To experience with your love ones and family.

Remember the 3 variables, health, time and money. You will have all the money in the world which will give you all the time in the world. What about your health?   Now is your chance to change that.  What it be like to be at your perfect weight, be fit. Just get your health back. This will give you longevity.

Whatever the time opens for you whether the blessing with the RV, don’t forget your health.  Get serious to get healthy.  I just want the best for all of you.

 Bruce:  This is going to be a major time for us. Do believe our time is right there. I do believe they are trying to get this done to get it to us. If we don’t have a call for some reason on Thursday,  we will have a short celebrated call to listen to which would include the 800 number should we do that before Thursday night. Watch the sites and see what happens.

Tank:  I would encourage everyone to get peace and live heroically.


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