Thursday, October 13, 2016

"T he Intel War is On" - RV Op-Ed by The Light - October 13, 2016

"T he Intel War is On" - RV Op-Ed by The Light - October 13, 2016

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Good morning RV community,

If the Sun has risen and we have not yet seen the long awaited 800 numbers then it is now time to pull your weight as a co-creating group.

The first thing to realize is that Dinarland is one big polarized Psyops play for your mind. The cabal have, for thousands of years, kept you wallowing in fear to lower your vibrations and keep you from remembering who you are. Why? Because they fear you as a fully conscious collective. Because once you realize your value and power, they. Are. Dead. Meat.

Being that the RV is the first step in freeing you from the bondage of debt slavery, the release is a guarantee of their demise. Now take a look at Dinarland from a birds eye view minus the attachments. What do you see playing out?

It's a dichotomy of intel one of which is from the light and the other from darkness. The light brings hope. It brings love and it encourages unity. The other offers separation, anger, frustration and fear. If the info makes you feel bad and causes fear, where is it from? Interesting how it follows the pattern of the existing cabal agenda. If it speaks of absurdly own rates, was it not to misdirected you of make you feel ands though you are not worthy of your true sovereign value?

Be careful who you listen to as dinarland has always said that in the end there will be much confusion. In the bible is also says that in the end days, even the elect will be deceived.

Take inventory on your leaders and exercise discernment. Realize that you need no leaders. Presidents, teachers, Popes are all leaders and what do they have in common? They all have been brainwashing and indoctrinating you for a lifetime of slavery. Still think you need leaders? You ARE the leaders of the new world. A leader who leads with love is who you are and who you should be aligning yourself with right now. Not one who bad mouths, condemns or discredits love. Listen to your inner guidance.

Back to the topic.

As a creator, you manifest that which you desire if:

1. You feel good when thinking about what you desire
2. Truly and wholeheartedly desire it for the world first.

Re: #2 this is why focusing on post RV benevolence is a great activity. However, it needs to be a burning desire to love on and aid in the rebuilding of Mother Earth and humanity.

Look around. Is this what you see from the masses? That is the main issue. Your thoughts / emotions create momentum and this momentum can speed up or slow down the manifestation of your blessing. Believe? Good. You're thinking 5d.

Can't conceive of this as truth? Very 3d. It's ok if that's where you are. It just means that the 5d minded have more work to do. So be it. It's and group effort and we're a family. We move forward together or we sit idle together. It's just sad that those who need it to most, are the biggest anchors and don't even realize it.

The key is solid unshakable belief that this is indeed your destiny and that it is here now AND feeling GOOD RIGHT NOW.

Remove all ego and attachments and love one another as we manifest the Golden age onto reality.

Be one and be in joy,

The Light

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