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dadonine said:  Steve, may I respectfully ask a question I am confident many others have on our minds but may be too timid to ask???

I was wondering if you are going to try to make contact with your contacts over there and get their perspective on this latest tantalizing tidbit from the news, and then maybe, perhaps, give us an update from your perspective?    Blessings On YOU!

Stevel:  I was not going to do that until Mosul was almost done. We need that done first.
I had a talk with a few of my guys, and they all agree that it sounds like the process has started but not made official yet. I have a few more people to talk to yet to get their take on this.

I like the article a lot.

I read this many times and will bring to your attention what I found very interesting or positive.
​First of all it starts off by saying "CBI succeeded in raising the value of the Iraqi dinar against". I like the word "succeeded" because they are not using words like the past.

Example in the past or previous news they would have said "in the near future", or "coming days or months", etc. To me succeeded means commenced or started. Any comments?
T he other part I found very interesting is "a lot and recover the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar". The key word for me is "recover the exchange rate". So just exactly what are the recovering from? You can not recover something from nothing, can you? Are they talking the the 3.21 rate? Any comments?
Another part I found positive is "after the economic scientific plan developed by organizers of the Central Bank of Iraq and new policy pursued by the Central Bank".  Now the powerful part is the word "plan". This is something that had to have been in place previously and not just some made up statement for an article.
The last thing I found interesting is the wording of "the value of the national currency exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar". I have never seen the word of nation currency exchange rate? What does this mean? Could this mean international? I not sure but like the wording.  Any comments?
Feel free to jump in and give me your take on this article.           Steve
Dollar is deteriorating in front of the dinar

​Alaraca..bdharbat national blow   2016.10.27

CBI succeeded in raising the value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar at a critical time Iraq is going through and circumstance and the Iraqi economy under the cover of a fierce war waged by the Iraqi army valiant and security services and the factions of the crowd the popular Bible 's central bank has succeeded Iraqi in raising the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar in recent days , economic and political sources Informed reported us ...... 
that the Iraqi dinar exchange rate gradually improve over the next few days and that the US dollar will deteriorate a lot and recover the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar after the economic scientific plan developed by organizers of the Central Bank of Iraq
and new policy pursued by the Central Bank in collaboration with the benevolent and loving and loyal sons of Iraq from the Liberal him we have got to talk to some officials at the Central Bank of Iraq and the owners of some private banks who looks like it a federal power with the central bank in this matter ..... 
it was agreed to support the Iraqi dinar and the full force of them contribute to the recovery dinar against the dollar , particularly as we are fighting a holy war with the mightiest evil forces in the world and fight terrorism in many parts of Iraq ,
 if it is good news for all Iraqis that the value of the national currency exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar will recover gradually in the next few days , a blessing commend organizers by step and applied by the thought the Iraqi people and the critical economic situation through which the country.


Because he said Mali and national par excellence ... calculates the central bank's ability to maintain the dinar's exchange rate against the dollar
October 25, 2016 No one disagrees on the fact that the CBI is said Mali, a national privilege and ancient history which stretches since (1947) has provided him with the expertise accumulated over this history and the financial policy pursued in the forefront of maintaining monetary stability and preventing inflation and the implementation of monetary policy , 
including the exchange rates and the State Administration of foreign exchange reserves and the issuance and management of the local currency of any of the Iraqi dinar and regulate the banking sector to promote a competitive and stable system in accordance with the Iraqi banking laws and the way it is in the month of December (2006)   Total central bank has grown to $ 33 trillion Iraqi dinars .
and calculates the central bank explicitly ability to maintain the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar or other foreign currencies and this has remained the Iraqi dinar strong and stable and the dollar rose about the dinar it slightly higher and then return to normal ..
I gather a lot of experts in the field finance and economy that the central bank 's policy and good administration are the secret of success in his work and we can only say blessed the efforts being made in order to keep our economy strong financial and policy steady and non-financial vibrations and it is justice and fairness that is indicated for each effort in this are

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