Thursday, October 27, 2016

Recap from The Big Call Tuesday 10-25-16

Recap from The Big Call Tuesday 10-25-16

Bruce   Quite a bit has happen the last 5 days or so.  We are in a situation where the actual market rate is quite high, more than we ever thought.  

The banks are all set, lock down security. Everything is in a go mode. 

The UN operational rates coming up again to take in effect November 1.   At the end of the month they adjust then are visible on the first of the next month.  ...in Iraq yesterday now the Iraqi dinar is being traded and trying to get value up.

Also the Iranian Rial reinstated their rate. The Dinar and Rial should go together at a value rate.

The dinar information was printed in the Gazette and made known in the country of Iraq.  The Gazette with this information is not available to us yet.  Until we are ready to go, that information will be kept quiet. Iraq is ready, they are complete. 

Our belief is it is just about our turn to go.

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