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RCE Sunday AM Chat 10-02-16 , 2 OCT

RCE Sunday AM Chat 10-02-16  

Colorado Rose G162:Biggest day in 25 years fizzling out......
Admin:Is ZIM In The Basket?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozO8nuVL-n4
Nanna:How are things in your neck of the woods? (Why? What happened, CR?)
Colorado Rose G162:NADA, NOTHING...... 
Nanna:25 years.....
Colorado Rose G162:Some people have known for 25 years about this..... (not me)
Admin:EU Banking Mayhem, One Bank at a Time, then All at Once 


Co lorado Rose G162:is all of youtube down??
Nanna:Oh, gotcha....
Colorado Rose G162:MAJI!!!!
jr001:admin if you can say,, who is this guy on the web videos you keep posting?
Admin:Gary Larabee
jr001:ok,, never heard of him,, but that doesnt matter.. thks
Admin:he's got 18,000+ YouTube subscribers from Dinarland and he's the guy I did a video with a couple days ago
Colorado Rose G162:Gary Larabee is good. People make fun of him for "drooling" - I think that is disrespectful. Usually great info....
Admin:Yuan Joins SDR Basket -

Colorado Rose G162:Ok, thanks for answering. I noticed you mispell a certain word "quite" - "quiet" on dinarchronicles, I've noticed the same thing on a few blogs, lol.
Nanna:But you haven't always signed on as a guest have you?
Nanna:You're baaack...
Admin:what are we hearing on the Yuan?
Admin:what's it expected to do?
Nanna:I haven't heard anything....thought it was expected to be gold-backed but have seen nothing to that effect....
Admin:one million Yuan on Travelex is 1700.68 USD
Admin:5.88 CNY=1 USD
Rhayne:   http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2016/10/gods-providence-sitrep-0000-edt-sunday.html?m=1
ubiety:I was reading the IMF article explaining SDRs. From the use and purpose they are being put, anything like the global financial shift so much touted in dinarland, is nealy impossible, except perhaps on a decades long timeline.
ubiety:Additionally, what I've read about the Paris Agreement on climate change also includes NOTHING about gold backed currencies.
ubiety:so, the two primary publicly known "RV/GCR triggers" don't seem to really have much if anything to do with it.
ubiety:I have yet to find anyone who will say exactly which language, specifically, in the Paris Agreement says anything about gold backing of currencies, or transition thereto.
armst1411:  New sitrep by yosef this morning, he states TRN's are live, All debt has been reconciled, our redemption will also help the funding for the new republic. This could happen any moment now that we are in the new year.
redalert:  "God's Providence" SITREP 12:00 EDT Sunday October 2, 2016 ------------------- God's Providence means having blind trust in an omnipotent force to direct all universal matters including the affairs of humankind with wise benevolence. ------------------- At midnight on October 2, 2016 in mainland China the PROC agreed to allow the Chinese Yuan/Renminbi to be traded as an international currency for the first time in its history going back to its founding in 1948.
This specific day and time was selected to sync the GCR/RV with the first day of the New Year (Hebrew - 5776; Islamic - 1438) with the Julianne calendar's Oct 1, 2016 fiscal year start in the Western world. East meets West so Heaven can join Earth once again in aligned harmony. On Sunday October 2, 2016, you redemption deposits will be post-dated to Monday October 3, 2016. Your currency deposit will also go towards funding our new Republic government (by Chinese Elder design).
This is why also at noon EDT today October 1, 2016 not only did TRNs become live and get "put in play" but they fell under the control of the Republic Treasury for the first time legally. As October 2, 2016 (fiscal year 2017) was the agreed upon transfer date of control by which all debts were both reconciled and eliminated in 2016 accounting.
New books + new money + new values + new year = new era for humanity. Anytime now this thing is gonna go--literally any moment now that the new year has officially begun. Look for the TETELESTAI email with toll free numbers, appointment recommendations and the latest sovereign rates. God is with us. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook
redalert:   A local source reveals Twilight News: Daesh leaders are preparing to flee Mosul : Twilight News / detectors local source in the city of Mosul, on Sunday, all the elements of al-Daesh change their places of residence in an effort to facilitate a future flight with the start of the countdown to the start of the military campaign to restore the city from the militant group.
The source, who preferred not to be named in a special statement to the Twilight News, said that "dozens of the organization's leaders and prominent elements have moved during the past two days on the part of Mosul left, to the right side." The source explained that "the goal of the organization of this measure to facilitate their escape to Syria puppet of the west side of the city when security forces attacked." 
He added that "a state of uncertainty and confusion in control of the militants, especially the local universe of them that their fate is unknown, and no place for them in the city anymore." Local and international officials and is likely to start a fight restoration of Mosul late this month, while the international coalition continues its air operations against targets prominent organization to facilitate the task of the progress the Iraqi forces on the ground.
redalert:   Abadi: we look forward to a new year in great victory and the expulsion of the ring Daesh from Iraq : Baghdad: Euphrates News} congratulated Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Saturday the Iraqi people on the occasion of the Islamic New Year and the anniversary of the Prophet's migration honest, expressing the hope that this year be the year of great victory full restoration of Iraqi territory.
A statement from the Prime Minister " on the occasion of the Islamic New Year and the anniversary of the Prophet 's migration honorable advance for our people decent fighters Champions my best wishes and congratulations."  He added , " We look forward to this year be the year of the great victory , the entire Iraqi territory and the liberation of Mosul and the expulsion of the ring Daesh from Iraq forever , restore, and all general and Iraq and its people is fine. " __________________
motherofdragons:   Report: differences over the US budget restrict the recovery of the Iraqi economy plans Washington-Iraq Press -1 October: Iraq thwarted plans to raise two billion dollars from the global debt markets this week to fill the budget caused by lower oil prices gap after the US Congress refused to guarantee half the value of the bonds.
Iraq had said it is seeking to issue bonds worth one billion US dollars guaranteed in full in order toreduce debt costs before other bonds issued onebillion dollars as part of the 2017 budget , which enjoys the support of the International Monetary Fund.
These funds will complement the agreement with theInternational Monetary Fund for a loan worth $ 5.34 billion over three years, which the Fund has agreed in July in exchange for economic reforms. Baghdad hopes that the agreement opens the door to get more than $ 12 billion in additional aid from other sources such as theWorld Bank and the Group of Seven major industrial countries.
He acknowledged the Western Allies, the importance of the need to protect the fragile economy of one of the most important Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries members (OPEC) from collapse , which could threaten to undermine the military gains made by the Iraqi forces and the international coalition led by the United States to organize Daesh.
These forces seek to regain control of the city of Mosul , a stronghold of the organization later this month. US President Barack Obama 's administration requested that the guarantee granted under the "Extended Resolution" - a temporary legislation that would allow the US government to continue its work until the approval of the more permanent decisions regarding Balanvaq- but is not responding to this request in the final version passed by Congress last Wednesday.
Lawmakers said, they sought to remove the side issues outside the spending bill to ensure into force before the start of the new fiscal year , which begins on Saturday. He said the appearance of the benefit of a financial advisor to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, who was a close role inthe issue of bonds and another source familiar with the matter, that the Republicans in Congress caused the failure to grant security for the bonds , but did not mention further details.
And have a Republican majority in the House and Senate, but it was unclear if they have a specific objection to pump more money for Iraq , which has already received billions of dollars from Washington in the form of economic and humanitarian military aid since the invasion , the US - led invasion to topple Saddam Hussein in 2003. And feel a lot of members of Congress , frustrated by the Iraqi government.
They fear that the United States sent a lot of money to Baghdad without achieving sufficient results due to corruption and inefficiency. Many believe , too, that the Iraqi government is very close to Iran and feel angry.
Is still possible grant of security to the Iraqi debt securities in the spending bill must be passed to allow the government the freedom to work after the ninth of December , the day on which the application expires temporary spending bill.
And include the latest draft of the proposed budget for Iraq for 2017 forecast of expenditure 90.224 trillion Iraqi dinars ($ 77.6 billion) and a deficit of about 12 trillion Danar.anthy (1)


crazymonkey G727:according to the new sitrep our exchangeswill be helping to fund the new government (thought yosef has been saying Chinese gold was funding it). so does that mean that 80% has to go to humanitarian and the other 20% goes to helping build the govt and we get squat? I simply wouldn't exchange if its anything like that
Garmst1411:   crazy I dont think thats is correct, you deposit your money in a bank. Depending on how much you have, structured payout plan will be implemented. From what I can remember there was a 1 or 2 percent treasury fee.

Garmst1411:  The fee will help fund the new republics treasury, imo.

crazymonkey G727:  yes, that's the towbin tax which is already accounted for in the exchange rate not tax on what you get

crazymonkey G727:  and nothing as yet that yosef has come out with has happened, so I'm not buying anything else he says

crazymonkey G727:   he also said long ago that china gave the republic treasury (wf now treasury on indian reservation in reno) a few thousand tons of gold for that purpose and would be no income tax or cap gains tax on gold standard, just tax on new non essential items.
Garmst1411:yes I do remember that, but who knows!!!! Get all info when you exchange your currency.

Garmst1411:Im sure we wont get robbed. We really need to start thinking positive about this event.

megpie:Well said Garmst

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