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How are you makin it? I am adding a date to archive..Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Well, folks - I want to begin with a confession.  I told you last time that I had won the Nigerian lottery.  I did not.  However, I am now enrolled in the Uganda Lottery, after discovering that the odds are much better for me to win.  Just so you know.

Now, on to the Iraq RV news . . . . .

I have had so many people write or email with questions of what is going on in Iraq.  So, now I will put out another little post....Every one in the DinarWorld should just be patient and I will try to explain something..

raq wants to RV, and they tell us this all the time in the paper..

They will tell us they are opening the budget, but do not.

They tell us they are going to start the Tariffs, but they don't.

They tell us that they are getting loans to do massive building, but for some reason there is still nothing going on...

They keep telling us that they have approved the oil law... but they never enact it...

And after this repeated pattern of information, they then sit quietly for a while and they start the whole process up again. 

OK.  So, what is the one Key that is required to do all these things?  The RV!  Why?  Because it takes money that is worth more than the paper it is printed on.

So even tho you are disappointed it has not happened yet, there is one more common 'key' that is mixed in with this repeated process.   And that is Obama.

He is telling Iraq what to do.  Obama is the only 'key' that Iraq does not control.  Even in Obama's speeches, he is telling everyone:  "We own Iraq.  Everything is ok.  Isis is nothing and we will control them."

Obama is saying things like: "Terror is not a big deal; Global warming is the most important thing."  These statements are FACTS... Not Speculation..... So we have one person that has an agenda, and we, as a group, do not have contacts close enough to be able to provide credible timing information, other than when we see Iraq gear up for another oil conference and economic phase, like they are doing now.

Which means, we are now, once again, coming into another window.  This one will go to the end of year, because I believe Obama will release the RV, or let it go before his term is up.

He will not let it pass to another President, because  he is too much of an egotistical demi-god to let someone else get the credit for it; he needs to say it was his idea.

He needs some kind of major 'win' for his legacy, given Obamacare will be bankrupt by Feb of next year.  And, the debt he has run up in our country is so large it puts all others to shame....

We have information that comes from good sources; it is the best we can do. The sources are as close as we can get, without knowing what Obama will do on his own, which again is why no one has gotten it right yet.   

Because Obama does his own thing.  He has a reason for not doing it just yet, and he has kept Iraq and the world at bay with this RV...

I know a bunch of you believe there will be a basket going but that is not right. There will be different ones going, but they all will be within a month or even two.  And, we do not know which way they are going except that of Iraq... and there is a strong chance for the Iran Rial...

I need everyone to breathe and do not get anxious  and do not give up even if it keeps going...Iraq will have to do those things I listed above and cannot do any of them without an RV....

h and one more thing you never have to ask if i gave up that will not happen.... Just because is do not talk a lot does not mean I gave up.... I will never give it up....thanks.

We are close..  Every large bank will exchange..  RELAX the RV is coming...


Check www.cbi.iq  every day to see if it has changed... do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Central Bank of Iraq


The primary objectives of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) is to ensure domestic price stability and foster a stable competitive market based financial system.

Do not let your emotions get to you.

BREATHE  BREATHE......... Yes I will do a meeting after the RV...... do not worry I will send out email.....

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