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New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 20 2016

New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 20 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 20 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. Oct. 19 2016 Kent Dunn Intel: Gary Larrabee - Kent Dunn Gives us Intel about the RV/GCR

There are two reasons why the RV has been stalled this week:

1. This week the Cabal has tried to kill General Dunford on three occasions. The latest was last night Oct. 18 2016 when he and a Chinese Elder left a meeting in Reno, though another person took the sniper's shot.

2. The Democrats were trying to tax us on the exchange at a Corporate Rate of 39%, while the Republicans were fighting the proposal.

B. Oct. 19 2016 3:34 pm EST New US Republic Intel Report: "Monumental" - New Republic Intel - October 19, 2016

1. On Tuesday Oct. 18 2916 current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) of Wisconsin was sworn in as the 45th President and Commander-in-Chief of the now-restored US Republic.

2. For security and legal purposes this was a red carpet event done on a Native American Sovereign Reservation near Reno Nevada.

3. Because Washington D.C. does not require its citizens to follow the Constitution per very old and secrete Vatican / Jesuit mandate, no resident of Congress, the Senate, Supreme Court, IMF, IRS, FEMA, FBI, CIA, etc. was ever required to follow the Constitution of the United States. This was the main cause for all the lawlessness witnessed now and being exposed through a variety of third party source alike Wiki leaks, Guccifer and National Inquirer.

4. Natural executive succession per the Constitution also demands that should the President or Vice President fail to be able to perform their duties as Commander-in-Chief, third in line would be the Speaker of the House and he would be sworn in and assume the Office of the Presidency. This makes Paul Ryan an interim President now in change of all USA military forces both domestic and abroad per the Constitution.

5. Because the USA, Inc. has also financially defaulted (as per Pope Francis's visit to the US inSept. 2015), so to has the USA, Inc.'s economy, currency, treasury bonds and credit lines worldwide.

6. World leaders who owned USA, Inc. debt have agreed to a bankruptcy work through program that re-instates the Republic's economic good standing per signed treaty with 208 other sovereign nations of the free world subtly entitled the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

7. The US economy, debt, currency and treasury bonds are back in good standing according to a golden new standard per the Paris Agreement.

8. This Republic transition has already been announced to active troops serving overseas and has been confirmed through a number of military sources.

9. You will be receiving news of this event shortly via a mainstream media source (FOX News--which was flipped to be a Republic mouthpiece a la Donald Trump during the course of the election).

10. Also it will soon be announced that the current presidential election cycle will be indefinitely terminated due to voter fraud and USA, Inc. government corruption.

11. The Constitution of the United States will once again be restored as the legal document by which the Republic of the United States will adhere to, both domestically and globally, as interim President Ryan will be making this announcement with General Joseph Dunford and his new cabinet.

12. By Constitutional mandate, President Ryan will be forced to assume the title of Commander-in-Chief until another election cycle is determined and new candidates are appointed.

13. The Republican Party is expected to nominate incumbent President Ryan as their party's candidate, and the Democrats will nominate a new candidate also.

14. This election will be different in that campaign funds will be fixed for all candidates and parties - including third, fourth and fifth party candidates, who will get equal debate time and news coverage. Our election procedures will be changing dramatically.

15. It will also be announced that the Federal Reserve Bank has been absorbed by the Republic Treasury and will be announced as in default to its creditors.

16. The Republic will also announce they have returned to the gold standard, and gold now backs new Republic currency that Congress has already approved into law.

17. Republic currency will remain as is temporarily, but a new Republic rainbow currency will be printed and distributed sometime starting after the second election cycle. Probably 2018, but perhaps sooner.

18. The Clinton Dynasty will be shamed and drift into oblivion, along with the Bush Dynasty, and Rockefeller Dynasty, Rothschild Dynasty, and all other Eastern European Dark Nobility Dynasties that occupied our country and attempted to destroy our nation.

19. Today Oct. 19 2016 there is a midnight Wed. drop dead date for all global amnesty deals, but after this timeline concludes, those deals will be null and void and violators will be terminated - past, present and future.

20. All military and diplomatic matters worldwide (including Aleppo) will be permanently resolved by 11:59pm EST tonight Oct. 19 2016. So this is going to move very quickly now. Be ready for anything.

21. The Global Financial Reset will also commence, both publicly and globally, including rate revaluations for all currencies of the world in good standing. This includes first basket currencies.

22. Fair and audited values will be posted and paid out to anyone turning in defaulted and undervalued currencies per normal banking procedures governing currency exchange.

23. There will be thousands of off site locations to manage the flow of redeemers, as well as dozens of call centers to handle the initial wave of redemptions.

24. It is anticipated that 60% will be processed within the first 72 hours. Off site redemption locations will then be quietly reduced to manage only the volume required, until they are all dissolved.

25. All military and security precautions have long been taken to ensure safe passage to and from redemption appointments.

26. The end is here. There is no reason to be anxious, struggle or worry about the implementation of these massive political and financial reforms anywhere in the world.

C. Oct. 19 2016 ZAP Report: Overnight the clearance was issued, finally. Now we know we will have our first funds before the week is out.

D. Oct. 19 2016 ZAP's Midweek Report: ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 10.19.16

1. The Cabal is being finished off and they are making sure the US elections are not rigged like the last ones with the Bush and shrub gang.

2. After the presidential debate tonight an announcement is to be made. The real stuff going on behind the scenes is coming to conclusion.

3. Over the last several days I have had some very serious talks with both the European Royals and the China Royals. The predominant information is that it will be about 2 weeks before the major releases are completed and the new paradigm will take effect.

4. These major releases do not have anything to do with our funding sequence, which is in the final stage of it's journey and has entered the final clearance process. We expect funds in accounts in the next day or two.

5. Grandfather has said what is coming down the pike for our Humanity is truly extraordinary. The reconstruction of this planet is first, huge, massive and very welcome. It will not take much to get things underway once the releases are done. There are many good hearts and groups poised to take on the challenge.

6. Some projects address the soils of our planet, cleaning of our waters while others address radiation problems like Fukushima.

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