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New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 10 2016

New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 10 2016

Compiled the early morning of 10 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. Oct. 9 2016 Situation Report Update 7am EST Yosef: "Storm Watch" - RV Weather Report - 07:00 EDT - Sunday - October 9, 2016 (1)

1. Starting at noon on Sat. Oct. 8 2016 intel has suggested we are on an any second performance scenario (release of the 800#s).

2. We were told that we're just waiting for the Atlantic hurricane to clear out of the metro NYC area. If it had gone right instead of left, we would have already had our RV.

3. Due to the hurricane a Sun. noon EST Oct. 9 2016 performance deadline was set on the Republic. This was after a 24 hour extension from Sat. noon EST Oct. 8 2016.,

4. This is a must watch from Judge Napalitano about how our government was:

5. We are told the new Powers That Be didn't start the RV Sun. October 2 because they foresaw that hurricane coming and didn't want to start something they would have had to stop once it got close to the the mainland. They waited an extra week plus a day because there was a federal bank holiday on Mon. (Columbus Day). Meaning, we could have seen the RV as early as Thursday night Oct. 6 2016 had the hurricane dissolved or turned out to sea as predicted.

6. Ratification of the Paris Agreement on Oct. 5 Wed. noon EST started a 72 hour new financial system performance clock, all in preparation for release this weekend.

7. They released some Guccifer and Wikileaks emails to seed public consciousness about the more damaging upcoming leaked emails which will permanently torch the Clinton family dynasty name for good. Some thing will happen to Hillary pre-election as both her and Bill's brutal history is now revealed somewhere in those 50,000 emails.

8. In response, the crack Clinton staff released a filthy Trump 2005 Access Hollywood "hot mike recording" which gave Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, along with every well known top Republican political leader, just cause for backing away from Trump permanently before he voluntarily quit.

9. Both the Clinton and Trump camps were knowingly taking dives in exchange for either amnesty (Clinton) or currency redemption / prime real estate deals in China and Russia (Trump).

10. All of the national election coverage has been scripted theater to occupy the public's attention while the Republic, GCR and GESARA were implemented.

11. Cabal political and banking plants such as Comey, Lynch, Lew, Kerry, Biden, Holder, Carter, Dimon and Stumpf are just a few of the die hards set to head back for reconfiguration post disclosure.

12. Let's see what Sunday brings, but do stay alert and ever ready to pounce on those 800#s to set appointments. Any second really means any second now.

B. Oct. 9 2016 7:26 am EST Veritas: "Winds of Change" - Guest Post by Veritas

1. NESARA was a legal basis for claiming that we have without public approval, illegally moved away from the original Constitution.

2. NESARA was driven by the charter of our military forces to safeguard our Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers.

3. NESARA provided a legal basis for our military to assist the country in ceasing to use illegally formed corporations that profited behind the scenes.

4. Governments could be used unwisely when those elected looked for their own selfish gain. We in the US have elected corrupt officials.

5. We got off track as a country when we went off the gold standard, when we gave bankers full freedom to design our monetary system and when we separated church and state so far that there was no longer a moral basis for our government, or its leaders.

6. The Federal Reserve was a privately owned corporation that could return enormous profits to its owners rather than to help U.S. citizens by paying off an out-of-control deficit.

7. The IRS and the entire tax structure have strayed so far from what Jefferson envisioned that he would not recognize us as a freely governed society. He would indicate that we are one of the monarchies which he fought against his entire life.

8. NESARA was not a change. NESARA was a return to our original way of governing based upon the Constitution. It returned the form of government to one implemented and governed by the individuals governed, the way it was intended by our Founding Fathers.

9. NESARA used an old court case the military followed which was privately settled in a Supreme Court ruling that dictated a return to the gold standard and disavowed corporations acting on behalf of the U.S. rather than our true government as originally established. This included the IRS, among other institutions.

10. Actions related to NESARA were about to appear publicly. They needed our very visible support. As a move to restore our government’s true governing status and methods, they would need the support of every American.

11. Certain types of public debt would be proven illegal and dealt with by removing those obligations in a legal and prompt manner. There would not be any credit card debt. It would simply disappear.

12. The current Presidential election would be considered illegal since it was requested by officials of the “corporations” and not the true government of the United States. Trump had thrown himself under the bus to make this announcement easier on the public, as in “no good choice.” The Clinton corruption did not need another term in the White House and went without saying.

13. A new Presidential election would be called for by NESARA with quality, moral and ethical candidates.

14. The entire tax structure would be revamped to a simple flat tax basis. Some great people who were oppressed by tax issues would find relief as illegal taxes were taken from the records.

15. Public reaction was the greatest concern of the NESARA team. They have done everything under the radar so far. They may decide to continue to stay under the radar and use “softer” announcements to promote these changes.

C. Oct. 9 2016 5 pm EST Situation Report: "We The Herd" - Intel SITREP - 17:00 EDT - Sunday - October 9, 2016

1. We were told it was a "GO" for tonight, Oct. 9 2016, anytime after 6pm EST.

2. Pay attention to websites, emails, texts and tweets. Any 800# release news will travel like lightning.

3. ZIM holders will now have 36 hours to call and set your appointments, not 48 hours as previously reported. Scheduling all ZIM holders inside of the first 36 hours will allow them to process tens of thousands before markets and banks open on Tues. 8am EST.

4. Getting one of these early appointments matters, as it qualifies you for higher Privately Negotiable Exchange (PNE) rates (aka Sovereign Rates).

5. The initial ZIM rush meant when you made your redemption appointment, not when you physically attended said appointment.

6. Only ZIM currency holders would be able to set initial non-bank hour appointments within the first 1.5 days (before Tuesday morning 9am). Off-site redemption locations would process T3 public clients.

7. You MUST have an early appointment to qualify for PNE rates, otherwise you're looking at screen rates for the ZIM--which were flan-tastic.

8. Zim appointments would go until the end of Oct. as long as appointments were made within the first 36 hours of the 800# release, i.e. before banks opened on Tues. morning.

9. Because of the hurricane's lingering effects, they were going to process all ZIM redemption appointments in under 1 hour (at least that's the plan), and shift the second half of the redemption appointment to a follow up meeting with the wealth management family office division. If you had a list of trusts and charities to open for family members or causes, those would have to wait until your second RV appointment within a week. The first appointment was to intake currency, settle on a rate, and whip up a couple holding trusts.

10. PNE rates (sovereign rates) for the IQD, IRR, VND, IDR and AFA would be offered the month of Oct. to redeemers who knew how to ask for them.

11. Four digit PNE rates existed on the Zim if the person was serious about accomplishing Humanitarian Projects and Job Creation agendas. You'd better be ready to answer hard questions and be buttoned up in your presentation materials. Otherwise, they'll reserve the highest rates for folks who truly serious about helping the world philanthropically, especially for international third world health, food, shelter, micro-economic and infrastructure causes.

12. Interest rates have zoomed over 8% for structured payouts, and even NDAs were now negotiable if you did not wish to enter into an advanced investment program/sovereign rate.

13. All air space above NYC has been cleared for flight, which means security drones have resumed patrolling the skies. Notice the bright lights up in the sky, looking like a cross between helicopters and Northern Stars… as these are drones watching over all the redemption process. They would be scattered every 5-10 miles depending on population density.

14. Your exchange team were there to help you get wherever you needed financially, but they were trained not to over burden people with big eyes and small stomachs. Try to connect with the spiritual aspects of the RV rather than lusting after the most money.

15. Don't try to romance the staff or go into your life story. Chit chat would take away from what's needed. Show up on time, know what you absolutely needed in order to walk out of there so the next redeemer could take his/her turn.

16. Keep everything simple and you would be fine. Keep everything spiritual and you would be protected. Keep everything drama free and you would happily enjoy the process.

D. Oct. 10 2016 12:05 am EST Veritas: "Deep Trust" - Guest Post by Veritas

I am being told tonight, Sun. Oct. 9 2016, that everything is "hot" behind the scenes where they keep it quiet. We were told to watch for the 800 registration number between tonight and tomorrow night Mon. Oct. 10 2016, with appointments to follow. We should see the first Tier 3 releases for use on Tues. Oct. 11 2016.

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