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New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 6 2016

New Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 6 2016

Compiled the early morning of 6 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recoverywww.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. On the Oct. 5 2016 TNT RayRen98 Call it was reported:

Ray TNT Dinar iTeleseminar.com/90135327


1. We were definitely in the window. US Banks were saying the 800 number release would be Wed., Thurs., just Thursday period, or by next Wed. Oct. 12.

2. Reports say that some private exchange activity has started.

3. The Internet Group was going to be in the first wave, while the general public would find out later.

4. He was not looking for anything today, but tomorrow, Thurs, was a different day.

5. Some have signed NDAs, while some haven't.

6. In Iraq people would be paid in full between now and next Wed. Oct. 12.

B. On the Oct. 5 2016 Landa Global Call it was reported: Gary Larrabee - Landa Global CC Replay First Hour Only 10-5-16 Landa Global Transactions have started and Landa Global was preparing to receive additional fundings.

C. On the Oct. 5 2015 2pm EST Situation Report it was said: YUGE'" - Intel SITREP - 13:00 EDT - Wednesday - October 5, 2016 The Paris Agreement (that contained the Global Currency Reset) had been officially ratified in Europe. Look for news of its ratification to be plastered all over global mass media tonight. That means the world could now legally receive 800#s at any time.

Check out the Paris Agreement Tracker on the UN website:http://unfccc.int/paris_agreement/items/9444.php

D. On Oct. 5 2016 Bruce stated: "My understanding from my sources is that the Paris Agreement has been ratified. It hasn’t been announced yet. It is good to go and ready for what we are hearing. It is not something we are waiting for. We don’t do rates or dates. It could be right here anytime now. It could happen any day now. Just can’t name it, can’t say it is tonight, tomorrow, or Thursday. We did hear the new rates maybe on XE.com already. I can’t confirm that yet. I'd like to know if that is the case. If so, we could be right there. I think where we are is very close according to what we heard. All I can say is if it is not the next day or so, it should be here this week."

E. On Oct. 5 2016 Bluwolf wrote: Its been a couple of years that I gave out some suggestions on how to approach this thing known as a revaluation and how to react when in the banks.

1. Never place all your eggs in one basket. Create a different account for each currency that you have.

2. If you do not have some kind of a trust, create non-bearing interest accounts for each currency.

3. It isn't the shy weak and ignorant person who walks into the bank and is to be interviewed, but the strong, rich and smart person who overnight you have become. Let them know what you want and how you want it done and not the other way. You govern your own monies. ​

4. Wells Fargo is more than ready to serve you well. They are the only and original bank chosen for this RV transaction. High rates will be honored there. All others will only be able to give you the rates on their screens at that particular moment.

5. Never use your personal cash. Always have your monies create interest for you and live off that interest and to finance your projects.

6. I wish I could tell all that has been happening in the current worldwide situations since Thurs. Sept. 29 2016 at 2:45 pm EST. What each of us have been waiting to occur is now a given. We are there. God Bless. Namaste, Bluwolf

F. On Oct. 5 at 7 pm EST WSOMN AdminBill reported: I have been informed from ten plus sources that they have been notified via an official email to stand by for telephone communication to set up appointments. This communication was directed to group members only. Our turn is not here yet. Be patient. Let's see how this shakes out. I am absorbing the details and putting a timeline together that takes into account the total info dump of the last 24 hours. By all accounts we should be done by the 15th if all others are completed in the next 3-5 days. The Paris Agreement seems to have been the catalyst.

G. On Wed. Oct. 5 at 8:46 pm EST ZAP reported:

1. In a few more min. the Paris Treaty will be in force. The countries have prepared their systems to do the change.

2. The reality is that the G20 folks and the Rodriguez Trust are quietly working in the background getting things done.

3. The timings for the redemption or compensation process is fluid, and accelerating.

4. The payouts of some Zim transactions have started.

5. We have received more confirmations today of our fundings. A second tranche is being prepared right after the first one, which is expected at any time right now.

6. We cannot say much more than that, other than we are preparing for the office portion of our infrastructure right now.

H. The Oct. 5 Intel Report published at 10 pm EST it stated: "Simplicity" - Intel SITREP - 22:00pm EDT - Wednesday - October 5, 2016

1. T2 redemption have ended this morning and preparations for T3 redemptions have already begun. You, friend, are a T3 redeemer and you are next.

2. ZIM holders will be first in due to that bond/currency's unusually high convertible volume. And yes, it comes with four digit sovereign rates comfortably, and ​a ​three digit international value. ​Sobeit.

3. The Iranian Rial is in the first basket ​now ​and is comparable with three digit Iraqi Dinar sovereign rate​, followed by the Vietnamese Dong (also 3 digit), Indonesian Rupiah (high two digit) and Afghanistan Afghan​i​ (low two digit).

4. All currencies of the world are now officially in the first basket.

5. Neither NDAs nor structured payouts are no​ longer mandatory, yet should you desire to privately negotiate a higher sovereign rate ​in order ​to fund humanitarian and job creating projects,​ either​ domestically and/​or ​internationally, you will ​be ​offered a structured payout program and asked to sign an NDA. ​Both decisions, however, are of your sovereign free will choice. ​

6. For the very first time across every generation of your family's genealogical history, you alone will have full control over your family's financial destiny​ across many future generations, as well as your own personal ​net ​wealth.

7. Expect this to go down an any second after midnight EST tonight.

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