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N ew Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 21 2016

ew Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 21 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 21 Oct. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

A. Republic Update Thurs. Oct. 20 2016: "Released" - New Republic Update - Thursday - Octobe...

1. M1 released the GCR/RV on Wed. Oct. 19 2016 at 3 pm EST.

2. The World Court then released a ruling that all GCR/RV funds globally were to be released, and gave clear arrests orders for anyone attempting to stop said release.

3. World court attorneys then issued an injunction that all elections globally were to be immediately suspended in order to bring forward NESARA.

4. After these rulings and injunctions, new USN currency was transferred into exchange centers nationally for private redemptions this weekend.

5. Higher security levels and extended perimeters were also put into place as of 4 pm EST today Oct. 20 2016 around all financial institutions.

6. There are 22,000 ZIM purchased holders total in the US.

7. Current Wells Fargo Screen Sovereign Rates show:
$ 8​,0​50 ZIM
$ 221 IQD
$ 22​1 IRR
$ 12​8 VND
$ 102 IDR
​$ 10​ AFA

8. All first basket currencies are to be redeemed at their printed face value.

9. Redemption rates will vary with individual humanitarian and job creation aspirations.

10. No one will be forced to accept more than what they are comfortable managing.

11. 60% of ZIM holders ​are ​expected to be processed​ within first 12 hours;75% in the first 24 hours; 90% in the first 36 hours; 95% in the first 48 hours, while 5% were not expected to be paying initial attention.

12. Wells Fargo-Abbot Downing annex exchange locations will be kept open for remaining slow awakening ZIM holders.

13. ZIM holders will receive the first toll free appointments at ZIM specific exchange locations where Abbot Downing teams are waiting to assist.

14. Sudden redemption wealth is considered generationally transferable because all redemption deposits are now continuously held within the new global trust system.

15. This same global trust system guarantees 100% of deposits (in precious metals) and thus is fully insured by the global collateral accounts. Translated: Your money is safe both short and long.

16. As part of his ​negotiated executive ​amnesty package, US President Barak Obama will be resigning, along with VP Joe Biden.

17. New​ly sworn in Republic President Paul Ryan ​(in Reno on an Indian Reservation in order to uphold the Constitution - can't do that if sworn in in D.C.) ​will assume the office of the President via the normal Constitutional line of succession​.

18. Jan. 3 2017 elections are still predicted, but Ryan will run as the Republican nominee, not Trump. He will run as the incumbent Republican​ presidential​ candidate.

19. Last year Trump was asked ​to front run ​for Ryan and bring in younger, disenfranchised voters to the Republican party, as well as point out all the corrupt practices of the USA, Inc​. Cabal - while always knowing he would never be President.

​20. The private redemption 800# release​s are tied into ​the ​executive branch resignation announcements which are expected either primetime Thurs, or Friday​​.

21. Public redemptions for all currencies expected to begin early this weekend on Sat.

22. There is a 1.5 hours lead time in place for Call Centers to manage the initial toll free number release rush before 6,800 exchange centers will be expected to begin processing first redemption appointments.

B. Oct. 20 2016 Bruce's The Big Call: The Big Call

1. Rates are set, high and going up. You can negotiate for the rates you want.

2. The Zim is in four figures.

3. Some of the other currencies are high also.

4. Tier 2 and 3 banks will be participating

5. This week large tranches of funds in the quadrillions have been moving from Asia to US banks.

6. They are wiping out the world debt. There will be a world-wide debt forgiveness.

7. Nation to nation debt was wiped out as per the Paris Agreement.

8. We might be looking at wiping out personal debt, but we don't know as yet.

9. Iran and Iraq will be prominent in the next couple of days.

10. There was an extension from yesterday to today, so things had to be reset on the CIPS computer system and that takes a little while to do.

11. Tank: All of the intel is leaning toward 800#s release in the near future. Things happened today that were a surprise and leaned toward release of those 800#s real soon.

C. Oct. 20 2016 Okie on Twitter: I still stick with my sources saying Oct. will be a month to remember. Every hour I'm getting additional confirmation of that fact.

D. Oct. 20 2016 WSOMN AdminBill: The news I am hearing is very encouraging. We are very near. Look for the RMB to become gold backed, along with the announcement that such has taken place. Potential for a rate increase fairly soon has improved in the last 24 hours. This is a heads up, not a tornado alert..

E. Oct. 19 2016 RayRen98:

1.Iran says they are going to revalue their currency on Oct. 22 2016.

2. We’ve always heard that Iran and Iraq will go together and with similar rates.

3. We have been status quo from Mon. Oct. 17 2016. I am hearing to look forward to Sat. Oct. 22 2016.

F. Secrets behind the global Cabal monetary system of the Rothschild Family:Documentary: The Secrets of the Rothschild Family Fo...

1. By 1798 Rothchilds were dominating the European Banking system by establishing Central Banks that loaned money to nations (backed by their citizen's taxes).

2. Under what was known as Fractional Banking where the Cabal's Central Banks could loan ten times the amount of gold assets deposited in the bank.

3. Rather than raise taxes countries would sell their bonds to the Central Banks, then be obligated to pay both the principle and interest back to the banks.

4. The Rothchilds used their financial gain from this and financing both sides of different wars around the globe to take control of the stock and bond markets.

5. They created the Bank of the United States that was owned not by US citizens, but by a very few private families, plus foreign interests including the Vatican and British Crown.

6. By 1816 the Rothchilds were in full control of banking in Europe and the US.

7. In Europe the banking system was owned by the Rothchilds, Warburgs and Shipps.

8. In the US the banking system was owned by private European families, Vatican, British Crown, plus the Morgans, Rockeflellers and Aldrichs.

9. By end of 19th Century and until now the Rothchilds owned over half of the world's wealth.

10. Presently the Rothchilds own and dictate the content of all of the major media outlets; own the world's largest oil company, (Shell); fix the price of gold on a daily basis to profit from its ups and downs; have cornered the world's gold supply; hide the Black Nobility wealth in secret accounts including at the Vatican; have purposely crashed stock markets; hand picked US Presidents, bankrupted nations and not only sponsored, but actually instigated wars across the globe for their own financial gain.

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